Ethical Recruitment Platform

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Joblio’s technology-based platform disrupts the current international labor migration industry by introducing transparent and new compliance methods, thereby optimizing operations and creating new revenues for employers. Today’s global labor migrant industry is a non-transparent, inefficient, and corrupt monolith run by shady middlemen who sell grossly misrepresented or even non-existent job opportunities to labor migrants. It […]

Labor Migrants

Towards a Fair Deal: Labor Migrants in an Era of Globalization

The growing pace of globalization around the world, accompanied by economic changes in industrialized countries has resulted in increasingly complex migratory dynamics around the world. Modern-day migration is a global phenomenon, affecting the lives of more people than ever before, and it is clear: the pace of international migration is unlikely to slow in the […]

Global Labor Markets

Coronavirus and Impact on Global Labor Markets

The Coronavirus has been rapidly spreading around the globe. The disease has had a significant human impact with loss of life, travel limitations, mass quarantines, and financial loss. Accordingly, it has also drastically impacted global labor markets, says global relocation expect NY based attorney Jon Purizhansky. The coronavirus has been in confirmed in at least […]

Global Migration Group

Labor and Migration Policy Shapers – Global Migration Group

Many of today’s international migration policies and norms have been devised and set by an influential group known as the Global Migration Group. The Global Migration Group was devised by the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, in 2006. It’s an inter-agency group bringing together key opinion leaders involved in the area of global migration. […]