Valentina Castellani Quinn

Joblio, Inc., is pleased to announce that Valentina Castellani Quinn has been appointed global spokesperson for the innovative technology platform. Miss Castellani brings award-winning film and production experience to the worldwide technology platform, where she intends to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s most vulnerable migrant populations. The celebrated film producer and head of the esteemed Quinn Studios Entertainment intends to develop a documentary about abused migrants who can be saved through Joblio’s life-changing platform.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Valentina aboard, as her global status as a leading humanitarian will help raise awareness about migrant suffering around the world,” said Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky.

“With Joblio’s help, I’m confident we can continue to raise awareness about human rights abuses around the world,” Miss Castellani noted. “It’s long past time the global community bands together to eliminate modern human slavery and save the lives of migrant labourers who are all too often exploited. With this new technology platform, we have a chance to enact real change.”

In addition to producing Academy Award-nominated films, Miss Castellani has been honored with the prestigious US Congress Award and the English WIFTS Award alongside other prominent women such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and actress Gal Gadot.

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