More businesses need to implement DEI chart

Putting DEI Into Practice is Crucial, but Needs Improvement

A recent study by McKinsey & Company identified the gaps between DEI aspirations and aninfrastructure and resources to put the plans into action.   DEI, as any HR initiative, is time- and resource-consuming, and typical organizations don’t provide both. Nor do typical companies support DEI teams by implementing their strategies. This is where Joblio comes […]


Ethical Hiring of Immigrants & Refugees Event

Hear from expert Recruitment and Talent Management Leaders as they present ethical and efficient solutions to talent shortages. Event Details Hear from expert Recruitment and Talent Management leaders as they present ethical and efficient solutions to labor shortages and other hiring challenges in a special event organized by Joblio ( and sponsored by FGF Brands […]


Joblio’s Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) & How it Provides Employee Retention

A recent study by Bamboo HR showed that 31% of employees left a new job within the first six months of employment and, of those that left, 68% left within the first three months. During the introductory portion of a new position, many employees find the onboarding process lacking and leave positions due to a […]

Migrant Workers with High Employee Retention | Joblio

Employee Retention is Critical: Joblio Delivers at 95%

Employee satisfaction is a critical factor in any organization’s success. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to retain their employees due to various factors such as a lack of job satisfaction, poor communication, and inadequate support. However, Joblio has tackled this problem by implementing a robust system to capture employee satisfaction and promptly address their needs. Our […]

Migrant Workers from Venezuela

US Employers Can Help Refugees from Venezuela Crisis

Since the beginning of 2015, upwards of 7 million Venezuelans have fled the country due to social-political unrest and political turmoil. In the end of 2022, The International Monetary Fund reported that 95% of Venezuelans were living below the poverty line.  Combining bad conditions, increases in crimes, and less work available after the COVID-19 Pandemic, […]

Legislation to Protect Migrant Workers

Ontario Takes Significant Step Forward in Protecting Migrant Workers

In a major development this week, Ontario has introduced legislation to strengthen protections and increase fines for employers found to have withheld a migrant worker’s passport or work permit. The new penalties are the largest imposed on any employer for unlawful migrant employment practices, with offenders facing between $100,000 to $200,000 in fines for each […]

Jon Purizhansky

Our CEO Honored to Present at Diversity Event in NYC

Our CEO, Jon Purizhansky, was honored to present at the American Jewish Committee (AJC) of New York’s State to State: From Startup Nation to Impact Nation event. This incredible event was created to celebrate a relationship between New York State and the State of Israel. In partnership with The David H Sonabend Center for Israel […]

Gord Bretsen Canada Country Manager

Gord Bretsen Joins Joblio As A Country Manager for Canada

At Joblio, we are proud of our approach to diversity and inclusion through actionable operations supported by robust technology. Ethical recruitment of migrants, immigrants, and refugees is Joblio’s mission, brought to life by the team of seasoned professionals in 45 global markets. Canada is a strategic focus region for Joblio and today we are happy […]

Yoel Razvozov

Yoel Razvozov joins Joblio Inc.’s Board of Advisors

Yoel Razvozov joins Joblio Inc.’s Board of Advisors The former Israeli Minister of Tourism and Knesset Member brings a wealth of knowledge of immigration, finance, protection of human rights, cross-cultural integration, and cross-border relations to Joblio’s diverse panel of expert advisors. Tel Aviv, Israel — Joblio Inc. (, the transparent and tech-enabled ethical recruitment platform […]