Global Investment Forum

Joblio is proud to be presenting at the 2021 Investment in Sustainable Development Conference hosted by the CC Forum in Cote d’Azur at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel from July 6-9. This exciting international event will be attended by entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe who will discuss revolutionary discoveries in their industries. Formidable thought leaders will assemble to discuss a sustainable future for humanity, with Joblio enjoying unparalleled representation from Chairman David Arkless and CEO Jon Purizhansky. 

The forum will cover a vast range of topics, including global climate change, energy sustainability, emerging technologies, and social philanthropy. In attendance will be Meir Arnon of the Focus Capital Group, Christophe Berger of Nordic Electrofuel, Carolina Casas of Sangha Capital, amongst many other prestigious names. As titans of industry and pioneers of humanitarianism meet and mingle, Joblio will forcefully argue for renewed investment in worker wellbeing and a campaign against modern slavery around the globe. 

Joblio is committed to improving the global migrant labour industry as the world begins to recover from COVID-19. The Joblio platform aims to illustrate that, in the words of CEO Jon Purizhansky, “immigration can become less of a risk and more of a sustainable foundation for economies everywhere.” More than helping migrants find jobs, however, Joblio is dedicated to elevating humanitarianism in the global economy. 

Joblio’s primary mission is to save human lives in a marketplace that all too often treats them as disposable tools. At the forthcoming forum, Joblio will advocate for technological progress and show the world how digital tools can be used to improve the lives of migrant labourers. 

To that end, Joblio is standing hand in hand with exploited workers so that the world can hear of their plight. Joblio will use its voice at the forum to tell the story of Amal Mabrouk Subhi Abdul Ghani Al-Sayed, an Egyptian national who has suffered from ceaseless torture and humiliation. Born in the Menofia Governante in the Republic of Egypt, Amal has endured resentment, abuse, and threats to her life from her father since her earliest days. Persecuted for her desire to learn and become a productive member of society, she has persevered and toiled in labour markets and legal hierarchies that victimize and exploit the most vulnerable. 

By creating a transparent and ethical global labour marketplace, Joblio is ensuring that migrant labourers can achieve freedom and prosperity abroad. Through digital services that help labourers secure passports and legal recognition to work in other countires, Joblio’s platform will grant migrants the opportunity to put their skills to use in high paying jobs. The continued development of this modern technology guarantees that migrants enjoy a smooth hiring process and fair wages. 

No one should have to endure psychological stress and phsyical torture for the supposed crime of wanting a better life. Global relocation expert Jon Purizhansky will remind the forum audience that “illicit recruitment practices take place every day, worldwide, on every continent.” He will stress that stifling regulations and opaque business practices should not stand in the way of society’s most vulnerable when they seek ethical work around the world. 

The Joblio platform will provide training and cultural lessons for those workers scared of voyaging abroad without adequate preparation. This is because “migrants rarely get to work in their specialized fields in their new home,” according to global relocation expert Jon Purizhansky. By partnering with local employers, Joblio ensures migrants find a job that matches their skills. Joblio is dedicated to continuing the economic diplomacy for which its CEO Jon Purizhansky was recently recognized with an award from the Abrahamic Business Council. Ceaseless innovation in the global migrant labour industry is our constant goal. 

Improving the global migrant labour industry means saving lives. Now more than ever before, we can use technology to unite employers and employees and secure financial independence for the vulnerable. Sustainable technological platforms like the Joblio app provide long-term solutions to age-old labour practices. By continuing to invest in digital tools that upskill migrants and ensure their gainful employment, Joblio is leading the technological revolution in the global migrant labour industry. 

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