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The Principality of Monaco was the perfect setting for an event of primary importance focused on ‚ÄúInvestment in Sustainable Development‚ÄĚ. An issue of increasing relevance following the unpredictable challenges Covid-19 health crisis imposed to the global economy. An extremely difficult situation which gives, however, an opportunity to move towards a new global paradigm. The¬†CC Forum¬†‚Äď French Riviera¬†held at¬†Le Meridien Hotel¬†from the¬†6th¬†until the¬†9th¬†July¬†2021¬†wondered what new frontiers need to be considered in order to achieve relevant goals with long-term beneficial effects to contain climate change, preserve the Planet and foster new forms of social and environmental responsibility. The actors were major corporate and financing representatives as well as investors and philanthropist¬†¬†influencers. A series of important¬†¬†panels, keynote speeches, workshops and pitching slots sessions helped giving fundamental inputs to cope with a government and finance apparatus which needs to be changed, taking into account the new investment opportunities.¬†Renewable energies, forest protectionand healthcare are the priorities of the moment to improve the world liveability.¬†

‚ÄúWhen I met Prince Albert II of Monaco in August last year I warmly congratulate him on the great achievement in converting a really tiny Principality on one of the capital of Global Sustainability‚ÄĚ ‚Ästhighlithed¬†Max Studennikoff¬†(M.S.), Chairman and Founder of¬†CC Forum.


In the middle: Max Studennikoff, Chairman and Founder of CC Forum (Le Meridien Hotel, from 6th until 9th July 2021). © CC Forum

HelloMonaco: Mr Studennikoff, what makes Monaco the best location for the CC Forum? What is pivotal in this very moment? 

M.S.: One of the reasons why we consider Monaco one of the foremost destination of any sustainability and investment related conference is that, unlike any other Country in the world no matter if small or large, Monaco represents a dense concentration of wealth from private properties that tends to be put in a good use. This makes a big contrast comparing to other Countries in terms of sustainable outcomes, just gained in a few of them. The Principality does not have the expanse of land which other areas might have  but it is surely leader in applying overriding criteria to attract capitals and willpower. 

The current crisis is very much on the front line of what is happening regarding investments and sustainability. Luckly,  the amount of solar farms and wind mills is second to none.

CC Forum French Riviera


The 2021 edition of CC Forum French Riviera (Le Meridien Hotel, from 6th until 9th July 2021).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

HelloMonaco: What makes the difference between Monaco’s Forum and the ones set in Dubai and London?

M.S.:¬†It is a really important issue. CC Forum is put on the general umbrella of investments and sustainability without any political implication. Each of those destinations has got its own peculiarities. What is identifying CC Forum Agenda in the Middle East is not equal to the other locations. We have certain themes which are strongly linked to the place we organize the meeting. The topic of green and clean energies as well as waste management, for example, is particularly appreciated in the Middle East ‚Äď South Arabia. The seeking alternative solutions for micro and macro-economic developments and their transition from fossil fuels to what they call knowledge-based economy is a corner stone of the debate in that area. Also technology and agriculture; noteworthy Israeli Minister‚Äôs keynote on the possibility to grow rice in the desert, thanks to innovation. Could you believe that? These are the things that are intrinsic to the CC Forum alongside with water management, a great subject. The conservation of the oceans and the Mediterranean Sea is particularly felt¬†¬†in Monaco together with the industry sector which has to do with that, like shipping to which an in-depth focus was dedicated. Maybe it is premature to predict what the future of this field will be¬†¬†but it is already there. Another big topic is automobile since Monaco is at the heart of its development starting from the F1 Grand Prix.¬†

This year CC Forum includes some interesting novelties that are worth analysing and HelloMonaco met Jon Purizhansky (J.P.), naturalized American and founder of his start-up Joblio, who explained his pivotal ideas to improve the job search around the world.

Jon Purizhansky interviewed by HelloMonaco


Jon Purizhansky interviewed by HelloMonaco (Le Meridien Hotel, from 6th July 2021).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

HelloMonaco:¬†Mr.¬†Purizhansky, you are one of the new realities at the CC Forum concerning the labour market. What does it mean to be ‚Äúsustainable‚Ä̬†¬†talking about job selections?

J.P.:¬†Let‚Äôs talk about sustainability for making the world a better place and a more efficient place to work in. We saw that one of the major problem is the lack of transparency,¬†¬†starting from¬†¬†the natural migrations from underveloped countries to developed ones. Nowadays,¬†labour is not connected directly between employers and employees but everything goes through middlemen¬†¬†called ‚Äúagents‚Ä̬†¬†who actually sell jobs without guaranteeing the quality or even the existence.¬†¬†The middlemen tell you where to go and what to do and want more money from the job seekers.¬†¬†This might be dangerous especially for the unskilled and unsophisticated workers that quite often, once in a country,¬†¬†have to leave their unsuitable jobs, they cannot refund money to the agents so¬†¬†they disappear. Both the governments of the guest and origin country are damaged: the former for security reasons and the latter for the lack of remittances of emigrants to their¬†¬†families. Hence the need of a clearer and more sustainable¬†¬†system ensuring also the migrants‚Äô rights.

investment opportunity


Panel discussion on Green Energy Transition: the biggest investment opportunity of the Century? (Le Meridien Hotel, from 6th until 9th July 2021).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

H.M¬†‚ÄstWhat do you suggest to solve this gap,¬†¬†this lack of data and skilfulness in order to join the¬†¬†desired and suitable jobs?¬†

J.P.: We have the solution because it means transparency, efficiency and compliance. Ours is a technologically powered, global, social and interaction project where the workers are able to see the conditions proposed by the employers direcly through digital services from the technological platform. Before accepting the post, there  is a direct relationship between the two parties  and finally employees  can choose the jobs that suit them and  above all without paying anything to anyone. The agreement is very easy, localized and very simple and in the language of the worker. So, using our App people are sure of the accuracy in finding existent and suitable jobs, securing  financial independence for the vulnerable.

CC Forum 2021¬†¬†could not help including the¬†Entertainment¬†sector well represented by three very outstanding figures:¬†Valentina Castellani¬†(V.C.), multiple awarded film producer and founder of¬†Quinn Studios¬†Entertainment¬†that continues the Quinn Legacy in the fields of entertainment, the arts, and world peace.¬†H.R.H.¬†Prince Nereides D‚ÄôAragon et De Bourbon¬†(P.N.D.A.D.B.), founder and Chairman of¬†Nereides Group¬†dealing with different fields from¬†haute-couture¬†and¬†beauty¬†to the co-production of the film ‚ÄúPolo‚ÄĚ in partnership with Valentina Castellani, being¬†¬†presented¬†¬†at this year‚Äôs¬†Cannes FilmFestival¬†to coincide with the CC-Forum Monaco and¬†Francesco Mitrano¬†(F.M.), President of the Monte-Carlo Polo Club and the founder of the Polo Federation in Monaco, businessman and¬†¬†polo player himself.

Prince Nereides d’Aragon


From right to left: H.R.H. Prince Nereides d’Aragon et de Bourbon, Valentina Castellani and Francesco Mitrano interviewed by HelloMonaco (Le Meridien Hotel, from 6th July 2021).© Maurizio Abbati HelloMonaco

HelloMonaco was honoured to elicit some feedbacks from each of them. In a nice private panel, here their highlights. 

HelloMonaco: Mrs. Valentina Castellani, Entertainment was a missing section in the previous editions, did you expect this year’s choice and do you think it is useful to have this opportunity to make Entertainement be known on its many facets?

V.C.: Surely, I am very pleased they have expanded it. When I was approached by Max Studennikoff¬†¬†I said¬†¬†that¬†sustainability and¬†¬†investement match perfectly with¬†¬†the big industry¬†¬†of¬†¬†Entertainment. It would have been completely absurd that one of the most powerful platforms in Monaco had not considered Entertainemet. So, we took responsibility and planned a¬†¬†beautiful workshop to talk about how we work and the initiatives we are getting ahead. Particularly I am referring to two documentaries one in the processing of filming,¬†¬†stopped last year because of Covid-19, set in the Red Skin Reservations of South Dakota, the other about Albinos in Africa and,¬†¬†last but not least,¬†¬†a real story called ‚ÄúPolo‚ÄĚ that,¬†¬†in spite of what¬†¬†the title might suggest,¬†¬†is not about priviledged classes but on the contrary it focuses on some kids, between fourteen-eighteen,¬†¬†belonging to the poorest areas in the outskirts of a big town in the East coast that through the sport of polo try to understand life,¬†¬†improve their conditions , find inspiration by escaping crimes, drugs and all evils.¬†¬†Actually a film of social impact that we are developing in cooperation with the Emirates and¬†¬†Polo Federation in Monaco thanks also to Francesco Mitrano‚Äôs advice and sport guidelines.

Entertainment Industry


The workshop: Entertainment Industry and Sustainability Goals: Ethos, Trends and Implementation (Le Meridien Hotel, from 7th July 2021).© CC Forum

P.N.D.A.D.B:¬†We started this journey with Valentina to support our¬†sustainable entertainment projectand we are here to show our good practices and that art is also an investors‚Äô activity. Last year, we were exploring different ‚Äúlanguages‚ÄĚ according to different contexts such as theatre and film and I gave my little contribution. Usually stories are made after a fact has happened. In this case, we are creating the subject underway to impact positively on the society and we are not telling pre-arranged facts like in a plot, this is the difference.

F.M.: Two years ago Valentina and I thought it was a good idea to make a film about polo sport and the cooperation with Nereides started also. So, now I am happy to say I am an integral part of this Team. 

HelloMonaco: Why did you decide to join the  CC Forum in Monaco?

P.N.D.A.D.B :¬†We are here today to enhance, in a diplomatic way, the social global impact¬†¬†through sports¬†that means media, collaboration and solidarity since the category of the films is for different people of the world. In the Emirates the ‚ÄúPolo‚ÄĚ film will be the subjet¬†¬†of a special event for example. So, developed countries come into contact with disadvantaged realities unwittingly. And this awareness raising¬†¬†is¬†¬†a goal we¬†¬†would like to achieve. For its visibility, globally connected, therefore, Monaco is the right place to start

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