Jon Purizhansky

JOBLIO is a technology-based platform and compliance engine that prevents fraud and provides transparent and efficient hiring process for the global labor market. JOBLIO technology brings the light into the darkest space in the world – the industry of global relocation of human capital.

Jon Purizhansky
Founder / CEO

How The Joblio Platform Works


Joblio’s transparent platform enables employers and employees to connect directly.


Joblio thoroughly vets candidates prior to employment.


After matching with an employer, candidates are prepared for employment and relocation by Joblio.


Employers and employees receive continuous support even after arrival.

How Does Joblio Benefit Me?

Employer Benefits

  • Fast & efficient recruitment of talent by utilizing Joblio’s proprietary ethnic recruitment techniques.
  • Assistance with all necessary paperwork to expedite recruitment & migration process.
  • Retention of talent through Joblio’s proprietary ACE (Applicant Concierge Experience) program.

Employee Benefits

  • Direct communication to the employers (no middleman).
  • Assistance with requisite documentation.
  • Participation in the Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program irrespective of skillset or national origin.

Origination Country Benefits

  • Elimination of corruption and fraud committed by middlemen who cheat international workers.
  • Transparency and compliance.
  • Increase in foreign remittances due to increase in worker stability and compensation.

Destination Country Benefits

  • Improved migration transparency & centralized tracking system of work-related migration.
  • Mitigating ESG & DE&I risk.
  • Economy boost due to increased tax revenues, optimized labor processes, and decreased crime.