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HR agencies across the world have ample access to qualified workers but not enough lead generation to ensure they’re hired. By partnering up with the Joblio platform, HR agencies can easily connect domestic job-seekers with countries recruiting foreign workers, turning a tidy profit all the while.

Looking for workers? Want to pair job-seekers up with the best possible opportunities? The Joblio Global Ambassador Program allows HR agencies looking for clients in Europe to provide better outcomes than ever before.

Joblio Explains: The Benefits of Labour Import

There’s no denying that outsourcing and labour importation is a critical part of the modern economy. Everything from data entry work and virtual assistants to hiring truck drivers or finding bus drivers can be expedited by outsourcing employees or importing them from overseas. That’s easier said than done, however, especially without the help of experts at Joblio.

“By joining Joblio’s Global Ambassador Program, HR agencies can provide us with vetted employees to help us fill critical labour shortages around the world. In return, they can create a new revenue stream through contracts with Joblio,” notes CEO ჯონ პურიჟანსკი.

European enterprises recruiting foreign workers want to ensure that migrant labourers are vetted before they arrive. By partnering up with local HR agencies across the globe, Joblio ensures a thorough vetting process. Shipyards, construction companies, food processing plants, and transportation companies looking for workers abroad  can thus rest assured that they’re welcoming qualified workers who can seriously contribute to global economic growth.

As business process outsourcing (BPO) becomes more common, the Joblio Global Ambassador Program will allow HR agencies in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to achieve new levels of staff outsourcing at scale. Companies in Poland, Romania, Germany and the UK, that are looking for workers fill in their labour shortages, ensuring a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Looking For Clients? Join The Joblio Global Ambassador Program

HR experts that have to focus efforts on lead generation of prospects can now concentrate their efforts on what they do best: talent acquisition, while dramatically improving their bottom lines by partnering with Joblio. This is achieved through the Joblio revenue sharing model; every time that Joblio ensures a migrant labourer is successfully hired abroad, the platform receives a fee that’s paid by the employer during the whole employment lifespan of the worker.

HR partners that join the Global Ambassador Program gain access to these lucrative fees whenever they fill a position. Joblio’s revenue sharing model ensures that HR agencies which fill the most positions end up reaping the largest profits.

“The HR agencies which join our Global Ambassador Program enjoy the potential to stand out in the competitive market of talent acquisition by filling in critical labour shortages around the world,” says CEO ჯონ პურიჟანსკი. “By fostering a more prosperous global economy, we all win.”

For too long, globalisation and labour exploitation have gone hand-in-hand. With the help of the Joblio platform, that’s starting to change with an unprecedented focus on the well being of migrant labourers. HR firms already know the benefits of outsourcing, but by partnering with Joblio they can spread the good news to countless companies and consumers across the globe, all while expanding their business.

Supplying Vetted Workers Leads To Greater Profits

The simple equation for HR agencies to understand is that supplying qualified, vetted workers through the Joblio Global Ambassador Program leads to great profits. For every qualified candidate that a GAP partner provides, they’ll receive a hefty fee to facilitate future hirings. All the while, the GAP program serves the global economy by avoiding painful labour shortages that lea to supply crises.

Contact Joblio today to become part of an exciting future where the well being of migrant workers is always prioritised.

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