labor Shortage

Life hack: how to quickly solve the problem of labor shortage in Croatia

If you are an employer yourself, then you too are facing a shortage of manpower. The monthly unemployment rate in Croatia has risen by 7.4% since November last year. Many companies have faced the problem of stagnant growth. Joblio will help you find and hire motivated workers. Our database offers professionals from 45 different industries […]

Work Permits Turn Refugees

How Work Permits Turn Refugees Into An Economic Lifeline

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked a refugee crisis across Europe that threatens the largest humanitarian disaster since World War II. Nevertheless, the worst outcomes can still be avoided with sound work policies that teach companies the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Fair work opportunities turn refugees into good neighbors. Work permits, an […]

Global Online Job Platform

Jobilio – Global Online Job Platform

The social impact that Joblio creates is measurable. Every person who finds work on Joblio app does this in an ethical , transparent and compliant way without having to pay for job placement. Joblio continues to help people all over the world even when the governments of host countries are overwhelmed with humanitarian crisis. Joblio […]

Hiring Ukrainians

Best Practices For Hiring Ukrainians In Canada

Canada has received nearly 60,000 applications from Ukrainian refugees since March 22nd, leading businesses across the country to search for the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Many HR departments want to know how to hire Ukrainians, yet not all of them are sure which industries hire Ukrainians or what skills these talented migrants possess. Implementing […]


Joblio startet ukrainisches Flüchtlingsprogramm

Heute, am Internationalen Frauentag, feiert Joblio die Frauen in der Arbeitswelt auf der ganzen Welt. Doch während wir feiern, sind Millionen von Frauen durch Krieg und Verbrechen bedroht, vor allem in der Ukraine, wo bereits mehr als 2 Millionen Flüchtlinge – die meisten von ihnen Frauen und Kinder – vertrieben wurden. Joblio engagiert sich für […]

Ukrainian Refugee Program

Joblio Launches Ukrainian Refugee Program

Today on International Women’s Day, Joblio is celebrating women in the workforce all around the globe. Yet while we celebrate, millions of women are endangered by war and crime, especially in Ukraine, where over 2 million refugees – mostly women and children – have already been displaced. Joblio is committed to helping women in the […]

Labour Shortage

The Simple Solution To Germany’s Labour Shortage

The German workforce is steadily aging, with countless companies looking for workers who simply can’t be found. A range of professionals from technical engineers to bricklayers are in high demand, with many pointing to the robotic efficiency of automation as a solution to this problem. That simply won’t be enough, however. The simple solution to […]

Labour Shortage

Robots Won’t Solve Our Labour Shortage – But Human Workers Can

Ongoing labour shortages continue to frustrate growth in virtually every economic sector. Countries across the developed world are clamoring for solutions, with many pointing to robots and automation as the future of work. In reality, human workers are far more flexible and capable of filling our immediate labour needs than their robotic counterparts. The ongoing […]

Joblio Unveils Strategic Partnership

Joblio Unveils Strategic Partnership With ICEJ To Champion Human Rights

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem partners with Joblio to fuel economic growth. Joblio is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) to fuel economic growth across the world. The cutting-edge technology platform will now coordinate with ICEJ to connect employment seekers around the globe with recruiters […]