Romania’s Labour Crisis

A Simple Solution For Romania’s Labour Crisis

The people of Romania are dealing with a crippling labour shortage that’s throttling long term economic growth. There’s a simple solution for Romania’s labour crisis – import more talented workers who have the skills needed to fill in vacant job postings. At Joblio, we’re developing an innovative technology platform to help Romanian business owners do […]

Joblio’s ACE Program

Joblio’s ACE Program Is Revolutionizing Migrant Assimilation

Labor shortages around the world are putting a serious strain on supply chains and companies of all sizes. Migrant laborers are being called upon to solve these shortages, yet high churn rates mean that employers are constantly seeking new migrant laborers who are costly to import, train, and acclimate to local norms. A more efficient […]

Integrating Refugees

Demand Ethical Recruiting Now: Integrating Refugees into the Global Community

Last year the world watched in horror as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in mere weeks. While the images of refugees are both heart-wrenching and infuriating, for those who survive this gauntlet, there are hosts of parasites and middlemen who wait to take advantage of their desperate status. I was a refugee and later, a […]


Joblio In 5 Fast Facts

Joblio is trusted by countless migrants all around the world in search of new jobs. Yet Joblio is more than a simple job board – it’s a global community of migrants and employers. Here are 5 major facts that you may not know about the Joblio platform. 1. Joblio Is The Proud Winner Of Humanitarian […]

HR Agencies

Joblio Partners With HR Agencies To Bridge the Gap During Global Labour Crisis

HR agencies across the world have ample access to qualified workers but not enough lead generation to ensure they’re hired. By partnering up with the Joblio platform, HR agencies can easily connect domestic job-seekers with countries recruiting foreign workers, turning a tidy profit all the while. Looking for workers? Want to pair job-seekers up with […]


Happy Holidays from the Joblio Platform!

Thousands of miles apart We want the same thing – happiness, safety and prosperity for our families Thousands of miles apart There are people who need each other One can provide new opportunities And one can provide hard work All they need is a bridge At Joblio, we are that bridge Connecting hard working people […]

International Migrant’s Day

International Migrant’s Day

On December 18th, we celebrated International Migrant’s Day, a holiday established by the UN that reminds us of the vital role that migrants play when it comes to fostering economic growth. With migrants now composing 3.6 percent of the global population, it’s more important than ever before to highlight the hard work and invaluable labour […]

Bus Driver Shortage

Poszukiwanie pracowników przez Joblio: rozwiązanie problemu niedoboru kierowców autobusów

Poważny niedobór kierowców autobusów szkodzi wzrostowi gospodarczemu w UE Joblio ułatwia zatrudnianie kierowców autobusów w trakcie poszukiwania pracowników Kandydaci Joblio są dokładnie weryfikowani i pozyskiwani w sposób etyczny, pozwalający uniknąć skandalu Zespół Joblio jest gotowy, aby pomóc Ci w rekrutacji pracowników z zagranicy i zakończyć niedobór siły roboczej Katastrofalny niedobór siły roboczej napędza kryzys przemysłowy, […]

Hiring Bus Drivers

Looking For Workers Through Joblio: Solving the Bus Driver Shortage

A critical shortage of bus drivers is harming economic growth in the EU Joblio makes it easy to hire bus drivers when looking for workers Joblio candidates are thoroughly vetted and ethically sourced to avoid Personnel issues The Joblio team is ready to help you recruit foreign workers to end labour shortages A disastrous labour […]