World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Honored on July 30

Millions of people around the world suffer as victims of illegal labor migration crimes.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a wave of millions of refugees, increasing the level of global migration and triggering a humanitarian crisis the world has not experienced since World War II. Meanwhile, women and children, while still the main victims of human trafficking, are now also the main refugee population. The increased risks faced by unaccompanied, separated children are of particular concern. This humanitarian crisis, in turn, may lead to a further escalation of human trafficking.

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons also draws attention to the role of technology in exacerbating exploitation and human trafficking. Information technology is increasingly being used in the current slave labor market: Fake digital advertisements for high-paying jobs with bonded commissions; “adult services” or blatant prostitution, including child prostitution; and other seemingly tempting offers from smugglers are all on the rise.


During the humanitarian crisis following the military action by Russia in Ukraine, there has been a frightening increase in online demand for Ukrainian women. Global search traffic for Ukrainian escorts increased by 200-300% in the first three months of the war compared to figures prior to February 24, 2022.

On September 19, 2016, the UN Summit unanimously endorsed the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants. This includes a number of commitments, including the full protection of the rights of all refugees and migrants as rights holders, regardless of their status, and the development of responses to large-scale movements with full respect for international human rights law and other relevant standards. Despite this crucial outcome document, the problem of forced labor has not yet been resolved. Moreover, this illicit market is actively developing.

But it’s not all hopeless. Some of today’s technological companies and platforms offer end-to-end solutions. For example, Joblio Inc., founded by Ян Пурижанский and chaired by former Manpower Group president David Arkless, provides the most efficient process for recruiting, training, and retraining migrants for international employment. The company’s unique Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program focuses on managing the pre-departure and post-arrival migrant labor community. It helps foreign jobseekers start adapting to their new environments before they leave their home countries.


Joblio’s accessible global platform, unlike the opaque and inefficient practices of the current international migrant labor market, removes unethical intermediaries from the process, creating greater economic attractiveness for both employers and employees. Its streamlined and transparent recruitment process results in a faster processing of candidates, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee turnover.

Mr. Arkless is a former president of Manpower Group, a former adviser at the US Department of State and to various EU agencies, as well as a member of the CIETT board and corporate committee. As co-author of the Modern Slavery Act, he brings personal experience to Joblio’s global expansion: “I have worked with Joblio for many years because I have always seen this company as a solution to the global problem of abuse of migrants and foreign workers,” Arkless said.

Джон Пурижанский: “We provide the conditions for transparent and ethical recruitment of foreign talent. We constantly ensure that our partners comply with both legal and ethical standards. Our contractual agreements incorporate a clause that prevents any partner or service provider from engaging in modern slavery.”

To learn more about innovative practices from a leading recruitment company, contact Joblio using the contact details below.

Boomers are exiting the workforce in droves

old people

The number of people who are leaving the workforce due to the retirement of baby boom generation is expected to increase, leaving more job vacancies than people who are looking for work. According to statistics released by Canada’s Statistics, the country’s unemployment rate is at a historic low.

Economists believe that the pandemic isn’t the sole reason why the country is experiencing a labor shortage. It’s the result of a seismic shift in the country’s demographics, that’s expected to last for decades.

According to Armine Yalnizyan, an economist, the lack of workers is expected to happen for the next couple of decades. She noted that society has already known about the demographic changes for quite some time.

The alarming numbers behind the various help wanted signs that have been posted across the country are startling. According to statistics released by Statistics Canada, the country’s unemployment rate is at a historic low. The number of people looking for work is also at a historic low. The unemployment-to-job vacancy ratio, which measures the number of available jobs compared to the number of people looking for work, is also at a historic low.

Economists believe that the main reason why the number of job vacancies has increased is due to the lack of workers. This is because the country’s post-war baby boom generation has already left the workforce.

Construction is one of the industries that is experiencing the most difficulty hiring and retaining workers due to the labor shortage, according to Statistics Canada.



The number of people who are 55 and older who have left the Canadian workforce has been increasing steadily. Economists believe that the pandemic was partly to blame for this, as many of them opted for early retirement.

In May, the participation rate for people aged 25-54 reached almost 90 percent, which is a significant increase from the previous year.

According to economist David Yalnizyan, the lack of workers is what happens when the baby boom generation finally exits the workforce. There aren’t enough people entering from the right side of the stage.


Armine Yalnizyan is a fellow at the Atkinson Foundation and an economist. She noted that the lack of workers is expected to happen for the next couple of decades.

Ian Lee, an associate professor at the Sprott School of Business, said that the increasing number of job vacancies is not the result of a great resignation among working-age Canadians. He noted that many of them took advantage of the government’s pandemic income support.

Economist Gordon Betcherman of the University of Ottawa noted that the first suspicion that comes to mind when it comes to analyzing the labor shortage is that the number of people in the workforce has suddenly decreased. However, he noted that the situation is back to pre-crisis levels.

An employees’ market

According to Betcherman, the increasing number of job vacancies is a reflection of the changing balance between job seekers and employers.
Statistics Canada noted that the country’s labor shortages have been unprecedented. They said that the number of job vacancies has increased significantly across different industries.

The manufacturing and construction sectors are having a hard time finding skilled workers. The accommodations and food services industry is also experiencing a shortage of workers.

According to David Yalnizyan, the lack of workers is also contributing to the increasing number of people finding other jobs. He noted that there aren’t enough people who are willing to do low-wage jobs.

Lee noted that workers have more options nowadays. If they don’t have to work in a certain industry, they can easily find a better career path and earn more money. According to Lee, people tend to gravitate toward industries that offer better hours and predictable schedules.

With the increasing number of job vacancies, Lee noted that the demand for certain jobs could increase, which could cause employers to raise their wages. He also predicted that wage inflation would occur in the future.

In the restaurant industry, the lack of workers is also contributing to the increasing number of people finding other jobs. Many people prefer to work in higher-paying positions.


Wages predicted to rise

According to Yalnizyan, the rapid emergence and evolution of new competitive industries will force employers to raise wages in order to retain skilled workers.

Unfortunately, many people who are trained to become early childhood educators are leaving the field due to the low pay. They would rather work in another sector.

Statistics Canada reported that the reservation wage, which is the lowest acceptable wage for most job seekers, is now surpassing the current offer in every sector. Canadian workers, on the other hand, have historically been more willing to settle for less.

Economists believe that various possible outcomes can be expected due to the lack of skilled workers. One of these is the increasing automation in the labour market. This could allow industries to hire more temporary foreign workers to fill the gaps in the labour market.

Despite the possible effects of automation on the labour market, economist Aram Yalnizyan believes that increasing wages can help eliminate some of the inequalities that have been caused by the system for years.

According to her, increasing wages can help create a more resilient middle class by allowing people to afford to spend more on their purchases. This is something that has been missing for a long time now.

Despite the negative effects of population aging on business, she believes that it’s still important to treat it as a positive opportunity for everyone.

Joblio’s founder Jon Purizhansky

Joblio offers four accessible user interfaces for a streamlined and transparent recruitment process, resulting in faster candidate processing, increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

In order to recruit as quickly as possible, employers simply send us a job advertisement. We do the rest: we select the best candidates, check their background, help them with the paperwork, meet them, fit them and send them to the workplace.

If you are a company manager, you have probably experienced a shortage of quality labour. The main challenge is to find and hire employees quickly. Joblio can help you recruit motivated employees as we have professionals from 45 markets. Send your job listing to and we will help you overcome the labour shortage quickly and efficiently.


A preeminent expert in business immigration, global migration, and employment-related immigration law, Kan-Tor brings a wealth of knowledge to Joblio’s esteemed board.      

Joblio Inc., the transparent and tech-enabled recruitment platform for foreign talent, today announced the appointment of Tsvi Kan-Tor as Vice Chairman of its Executive Board. A seasoned legal luminary, Kan-Tor will bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that Joblio works seamlessly with other global organizations in upholding labor laws and protecting the rights of foreign workers. The announcement is made by Joblio Founder and CEO Jon Purizhansky, subsequent to other notable board additions, including its new Chairman, David Arkless.

We are all excited to have someone of Tsvi’s caliber join us in advancing ethical employment of foreign talent. Tsvi possesses an unmatched experience and understanding of global labor laws and has been instrumental in developing some of the guidelines that defend and protect the rights of migrant workers today

Ян Пурижанский
Founder of Joblio

Kan-Tor is a founding partner of Kan-Tor & Acco, a global corporate immigration law firm headquartered in Israel, and is a leading expert in business immigration and global migration. He has developed strategic, proactive, and advanced immigration programs and solutions regarding the international transfer of employees in numerous sectors, including tech and biotech, pharmaceutical, construction, energy, gas, and transportation.

A regular commentator on employment-related immigration law, Kan-Tor earned a law degree from Tel Aviv University and has served as Chair of the Visa Committee of the Israel America Chamber of Commerce since 2016. He is a member of the Committee on Foreign Workers of the Israel Bar Association, responsible for leading legislative and policy activities concerning the entry of foreign experts to Israel, and is a member of the Immigration & Nationality Law Committee of the International Bar Association and a foreign attorney member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. For his many professional accomplishments in the field of immigration law, Kan-Tor has been recognized in the prestigious Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers.

“Joblio’s goal is to prove that global recruiting can be done in a fully compliant, efficient, fair, transparent and equitable manner. My role is to help Joblio prove that it is possible to achieve all of that,” said Kan-Tor, who will continue his role at Kan-Tor & Acco while serving as Vice Chairman of Joblio’s Executive Board.

Regarded as the gold standard in the field of international recruiting, Joblio is on a mission to redefine the global labor market with a transparent, systematized, and humanized platform that is accessible to workers and employers around the world. As global labor shortages continue to put a strain on supply chains, more employers are looking internationally to add skilled and talented workers to their organizations. Through its proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program, Joblio not only helps workers find foreign employment, it also prepares them to acclimate to their new homes before they even leave their country. For more information, visit


Founded by N.Y. attorney Jon Purizhansky and chaired by Дэвид Арклесс, the former president of the Manpower Group, Joblio operates more efficient recruitment, training, and retraining processes for cross-border employment. The company’s proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program is focused on pre-departure and post-arrival community management, helping international job seekers to begin acclimating to their new homes even before they leave their countries of origin. Differentiated from the non-transparent and inefficient practices of the current global migrant labor market, Joblio’s accessible global platform removes unethical intermediaries from the process, freeing up more economic value for employers and laborers. Its streamlined and transparent hiring process results in faster applicant processing, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee attrition. To learn more, visit

The beginning of 2022 saw the greatest migration of the past 30 years. Millions of people had to escape countries with unstable economies and low standards of living, leaving their homes behind in search of a better life and better wages. Those who have not yet made the decision to relocate will do so once they get the opportunity. Joblio is helping people all over the world find a job abroad – with no commission for the service.


After a Covid-related decline of migration in 2021-2022, there is now a sharp increase in the number of people migrating to developed nations. According to the statistics provided by the UN, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe has exceeded five million people. Added to the 169 million who migrated in the previous years, this comprises a record number of displaced individuals. It is noteworthy that there are more and more women among them, which signals a positive change in the global issue of gender equality.

According to the figures, 38% of labor migrants have arrived to Europe and Central Asia, 26% have relocated to the United States, Arab and African countries have housed 29% and 8% correspondingly.

Although most of the displaced individuals are adults aged 24 to 60 (87%), figures show that the proportion of young people has reached 11% and keeps rising.


The situation of migrants

Despite the current International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, many people still often work illegally with labour insecurity and poor working conditions. This is especially true for women, whose work is valued noticeably less than men. They are more likely to face gender discrimination in the workplace and are deprived of social protection.

To obtain work permits, migrants have to turn to intermediary firms that charge extortionate fees. Out of hopelessness, migrants agree, becoming slaves and hostages of their situation. They use all the money they earn to pay off their debt to such firms.

The official position of host countries

As mentioned above, officially, host countries have long been concerned with the problem of migrants, but the last three years have greatly contributed to a change in attitudes: developed countries are now recognizing labor migrants and refugees as an opportunity for economic growth rather than a problem.

The European Community needs adequate labor policies to ensure that these persons get the help they rightly deserve.

We have already mentioned that officials are beginning to recognize the enormous role that labour migrants play for economic growth and believe that the best decision is not economizing on them, but helping them get back on their feet. ILO Statistics Director Rafael Diez de Medina says, “These policies can help countries respond to changes in labor supply and demand, stimulate innovation and sustainable development, and transfer and renew skills.”

These policies can help countries respond to changes in labor supply and demand, stimulate innovation and sustainable development, and transfer and renew skills
Rafael Diez de Medina
Rafael Diez de Medina
Director Department of Statistics and Chief Statistician at the International Labour Office

What should migrants do


If you wish to obtain legal employment in a different country, you may well be facing the difficulty of making a big decision. This is an understandable concern, as you are probably reading reports of state officials caring about the problems of migrant workers, and yet see no actual help. Joblio can be your solution.

We have turned the employment relationship around and put all the financial costs on your employer. Now the employment costs will be paid by the company looking for motivated staff (and not you!).

Now let’s talk about what Joblio does:

● Protecting Human Rights Above All

We guarantee effective protection of labor migrants’ rights.

● We prepare all documents for you.

● We have a global ambassador program with recruits all over the world joining. They can become a bridge between you and our company.

● We provide legal support before your official employment, as well as constant guidance afterwards

● We organize language courses and other adaptation activities

Most importantly, you will not have to pay a penny for our help and employment. We understand that money is not to be paid by someone in a difficult situation, but by an employer willing to increase the efficiency of the business.

Where migrants are needed the most

The service sector (highest number of job openings):

– housemaid

– nanny

– nurse

– hairdresser

– waiter

– cleaning company employee

– bartender

– plumber

– administrator

Construction industry:

– tiler

– plumber

– house painter

– welder

– carpenter

– land surveyor


– warehouse worker

– machine operator

– loader driver

– trucker

Food industry

– cook

– assistant chef

– chef

– food processing technician

Seasonal work

– harvesting

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

Подаем заявку вместе

Через неделю после начала войны в Украине, 3 марта 2022 года, Канада объявила программу Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), которая позволит гражданам Украины переехать в Канаду по упрощенной процедуре подачи заявление на получение гостевой визы временного пребывания.

В этой статье мы разберемся, какие возможности открывает программа экстренной эмиграции в Канаду, кому подходит, кому — нет, а также пошагово объясним, как подать заявление. 

Кому подходит CUAET?

CUAET предоставляет возможность временного проживания и не является программой беженства.
Это значит, что вы можете по упрощенной схеме приехать в страну, найти работу, получить ВНЖ, а в дальнейшем – гражданство.
Однако программа CUAET не включает финансовое обеспечение, кроме единовременной выплаты 3000 CAD.
Соответственно, программа подходит, если вы давно планировали переезд в Канаду, но не проходили по балам, у вас есть знания английского или французского языка и личные накопления.

Что предлагает Joblio

Как мы писали выше, программа CUAET позволяет въехать в Канаду по упрощенной процедуре, однако не включает в себя помощь в адаптации и устройстве на новом месте.
Если у вас недостаточно накоплений, то наши услуги вам особенно подойдут, потому что вы сможете начать работать буквально на следующий день после прилета.
Joblio предлагает вам помощь в трудоустройстве еще до приезда в Канаду.
После того как вы подадите заявку, мы поможем составить правильно резюме, отправим работодателю, договоримся о собеседовании, подготовим к нему, поможем с оформлением документов и организацией переезда.

По прилету наши коллеги встретят вас в аэропорту и помогут с самыми неожиданными проблемами (сделать сим карту, открыть банковский счет). Нашим кандидатам будет предоставлено жилье на льготных и условиях – и все это без комиссий, то есть бесплатно.

Как податься на CUAET

Если вы владеете английским языком, можете следовать официальной инструкции, которая опубликована на правительственном сайте Канады.
Но, если вам необходим проводник, оставайтесь с нами и пройдите все шаги на пути к подаче заявления на участие в программе CUAET.



Кому не подходит CUAET?

Программа не рассчитана на беженцев, которым необходима финансовая поддержка. К сожалению, вас никто в рамках программы не встретит в аэропорту, не предоставит жилье, переводчика и работу — все это вам придется делать самостоятельно. Но, как говорится, если очень хочется, то можно… об этом читайте дальше.


Разрешение на въезд и выезд из Канады (мультивиза) на срок до 10 лет или до конца срока действия паспорта.Пребывание в стране до 3-х лет.Возможно подать заявление без загранпаспорта в индивидуальном порядке.
Приоритетное рассмотрение заявления до 14 дней.Необязательно знание языка Для визы не требуется покупка авиабилетов.Отсутствие сборов.Разрешение на работу вне зависимости от возраста.Не требуется быть вакцинированнымЕдиноразовое пособие — 3000 CAD на каждого взрослого и 1500 CAD на несовершеннолетнего.Бесплатное проживание в гостинице  в течение двух недель.

Критерии для участия в программе CUAET

Вы можете податься на программу CUAET, если вы:гражданин Украины или член семьи гражданина украины (только супруги и дети на иждивении).Членам семьи необходимы переводы документов, подтверждающих семейное положение (свидетельство о браке или документальное подтверждение гражданского брака, например, общий адрес проживания), свидетельство о рождении.

Пошаговая инструкция подачи заявления на CUAET


Создайте учетную запись на сайте службы иммиграции, беженства и гражданства Канады IRRC.

После регистрации вы получите уникальный пригласительный код и ссылку на регистрацию.


Заполните форму регистрации и подтвердите данные с помощью верификационного кода, который вы получите на почту.


Войдите в учетную запись и нажмите на Apply for a visitor visa, transit visa, or a study permit



UCI — уникальный номер, который  дается при подаче на любую канадскую визу и программу иммиграции. Он никогда не меняется для одного человека. Если у вас есть UCI – укажите, если нет или не помните — пропустите.



Далее вам будет предложено заполнить персональные данные на каждого члена семьи, а именно:

Если у вас отсутствует заграничный паспорт, вам необходимо указать любой другой документ с вашими данными:

В анкете встретятся такие вопросы:

укажите последнее место, этого будет достаточно

Если не сдавали, вам предстоит это сделать в будущем

Обратите внимание, что в резюме не должно быть пропущенных периодов — периоды, когда вы были безработным также надо указывать.
Одна из записей должна иметь отметку как «текущая» (ongoing), в противном случае не сможете продолжить дальше.


Из обязательных документов, которые надо загрузить, являются только паспорт(а) и документы, подтверждающие родство и семейные отношения.

Однако вы можете дополнить заявление другими документами, такими как:

Для подтверждения платежеспособности приглашающей стороны достаточно приложить одну или несколько таких справок, как Notice of Assessment из налоговой, T4/T5 и письмо от работодателя, подтверждение студенческого кредита, выписки из банка.

Что дальше

Дальше вам остается ждать. Канада обработает заявку CUAET в течение 14 дней, после чего вас вызовут на сдачу биометрии или попросят выслать паспорт курьерской службой.

Но вы можете заранее найти работу с помощью Joblio

Актуальные вакансии

на платформе Joblio

Заполнить анкету

Canadian Labor Market Overview

Statistics Canada has released information on the number of jobs in June 2022. It shows a drop in the unemployment rate to its lowest level since 1976. From this data, let’s find out if this is good or bad and what is happening to the Canadian economy.



Canada has lost 43,200,000 jobs in June 2022, contrary to forecasts of an increase of 22,500. At the same time, the unemployment rate fell to a record low of 4.9%. The number of unemployed stands at 1 million, which is the lowest since 1981. The current economic situation is due to a reduction of almost 100,000 workers.

Reflecting the shortage of workers, the average hourly wage rate rose by 5.2% compared to last May’s figure of 3.9%. This is also the fastest increase in rates since 1997, aside from the pandemic.

What the figures mean

The statistics show that the Canadian economy is facing peak employment and will continue to stay that way as it tries to contain the surge in wages.

“The low unemployment rate shows that the labour market is extremely tight,” said Royce Mendes , head of macroeconomic strategy at Desjardins Securities Inc. in a report to investors. “This was evident from the wages increase figures, which exceeded even the most reckless expectations of a projected acceleration. ”

Employment market

Students and researchers at Carleton University presented a study during the IEEE Computers, Software, and Applications Conference, based on a new web platform that allows jobseekers to make informed career decisions based on financial and lifestyle factors.

The study presents employment market intelligence, most of which seems fairly logical. For example, the number of vacancies in provinces with major cities, such as British Columbia, is significantly higher than in provinces without major cities. This is not surprising because a larger population implies more job opportunities.

British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have more vacancies for technical and intermediate jobs than the rest of the country.

In-demand areas for the intermediate level:


It is important to note that Prince Edward Island has a high demand for jobs compared to the size of its population.

According to Canada’s national employment service, Job Bank, skilled workers in the hotel sector and catering market are in highest demand.

Labour shortages in Ontario

Despite a general decline in labour demand, Ontario is still experiencing a severe labour shortage. Therefore, Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford plans to raise the issues of immigration and labour shortages.

Ontario’s immigration agreement with the federal government expires in the fall, and the province is pushing for more skilled workers and more flexibility in the types of workers it can attract.

According to the Minister of Labour, Monte McNaughton, hundreds of thousands of jobs remain vacant in Ontario, and at great cost to the economy. The province is also pushing to double the number of immigrants under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

But would greater flexibility in responding to the demands of potential migrant workers and an increase in the quota under the provincial program help solve the issue? Partially, yes.  There is a need to make the process of transferring, adapting and motivating foreign workers more accessible and attractive. It is particularly important to set up an operational mechanism for the rapid recruitment of motivated foreign workers.

We are ready to provide this efficient mechanism – the global recruitment and employment platform Joblio. We connect employers directly with qualified candidates and increase the success rate of jobs through our comprehensive ACE program.

Joblio offers four accessible user interfaces for a streamlined and transparent recruitment process, resulting in faster candidate processing, increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

In order to recruit as quickly as possible, employers simply send us a job advertisement. We do the rest: we select the best candidates, check their background, help them with the paperwork, meet them, fit them and send them to the workplace.

If you are a company manager, you have probably experienced a shortage of quality labour. The main challenge is to find and hire employees quickly. Joblio can help you recruit motivated employees as we have professionals from 45 markets. Send your job listing to and we will help you overcome the labour shortage quickly and efficiently.


3 Videos

Denis talks about how he moved to Canada


Lilya shares her employment experience


Ruslan talks about how he got a job




Find your dream job


Українським чоловікам дозволять виїзд за кордон

Найближчим часом Верховна Рада України розгляне законопроект, який дозволить багатьом категоріям чоловіків отримати дозвіл на виїзд з країни.

верховная рада

Відповідно до Конституції України, громадяни можуть залишати країну у будь-який час, але через введення воєнного стану на виїзд накладено обмеження. Вони будуть повністю скасовані тільки після відміни режиму воєнного стану.

Звісно, не всі згодні з обмеженнями. Періодично на кордоні виявляють чоловіків, переодягнених у жіночий одяг, з паспортами власних дружин. Також затримують тих, хто за пропуск на кордоні пропонує хабарі.

Нещодавно активісти поширили в Україні петицію про відміну заборони на виїзд з України чоловіків віком від 18 до 60 років і введення під час мобілізації призову добровольців як пріоритетного.  Петицію підтримали більше 27 000 громадян.

У ній зазначено, що в Україні йде війна за свободу, і захищати її примусово є абсолютно абсурдно. Зазначається також, що деякі  “добросовісні люди, які хочуть і можуть допомагати Україні, не в’їжджають на територію країни, оскільки потім на зможуть виїхати. Відповідно, вони втратять можливість допомагати звідти, де вони ефективні … у бізнесі, податками”.

Автор петиції Олександр Ігорович Гуміров не забув згадати і про чоловіків – єдиних годувальників у родині, яким також заборонено виїжджати за межі України, через що їхні родини приречені на безгрошів’я, бідність та голод.

Президент України Володимир Зеленський вже офіційно прокоментував петицію та заявив, що пропозиції обов’язково будуть розглянуті у Верховній Раді, а уряд отримав доручення опрацювати пропозиції активістів. Президент також попросив звернути особливу увагу на питання пріоритетності добровольців під час  призову.

22 червня правки до Закону України “Про мобілізаційну підготовку і мобілізацію” і Закону України “Про порядок виїзду з України і в’їзд в Україну громадян України” було подано до парламенту членом фракції “Слуга народу” Георгієм Мазурашем. За тим, як просувається справа, можна спостерігати у карті законопроекту.

Основні зміни в Законі дозволять виїзд з України чоловікам, які відповідають хоча б одному з критеріїв:

Окрім чоловіків — батьків у родині, Закон надасть можливість виїжджати з країни морякам, власникам бізнесу у третіх країнах, учасникам міжнародних змагань і володарям робочих контрактів.

У законопроекті прописано пункт, що стосується трудових мігрантів. , У ньому йдеться про дозвіл на виїзд за кордон чоловіків, які не можуть знайти роботу в Україні, але мають можливості принести реальну користь Україні. Виходячи з цього уточнення, чоловіки зможуть залишити батьківщину й поїхати на заробітки, якщо доведуть неможливість працевлаштування у межах України.

Як в Україні знайти роботу за кордоном

Якщо законопроект приймуть, перед чоловіками України, які прагнуть виїхати за кордон на заробітки, постане питання, де шукати роботу. Виникають обґрунтовані сумніви, чи зможуть вони швидко знайти реальну роботу та житло.  Особливий привід для тревог становлять шахраї. Вони як ніколи активізувалися, обіцяють великі гроші, укладають з кандидатами кабальні контракти на працевлаштування. У результаті трудовий мігрант опиняється у борговій ямі, не маючи можливості допомогти ні собі, ані родині.

Що робити?


Звернутися до нас. Наша компанія Joblio заснована адвокатом і філантропом Яном Пурижанські та Девідом Арклессом, колишнім президентом найбільшої в світі рекрутингової компанії ManpowerGroup.

Наші послуги безкоштовні для кандидатів і завжди, відповідно до норм міжнародного законодавства, залишатимуться такими. Ми надаємо юридичний супровід і допомогу в організації переїзду і адаптації на місці роботи в іншій країні.


3 Videos

Денiс о том, как переехал работать в Канаду с Joblio | Denis talks about how he moved to Canada


Лiля делится опытом трудоустройства в Канаде с Joblio | Lilya shares her employment experience


Руслан о том, как устроился на работу в Канаде с Joblio | Ruslan talks about how he got a job


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Щоб подати заявку, завантажте додаток Joblio в Google Play або App Store, зареєструйтеся та заповніть анкету.

У нашій базі зібрано найактуальніші вакансії Німеччини, Польщі, Румунії, Канади й США.

Процес працевлаштування може зайняти від одного до трьох місяців залежно від швидкості розгляду роботодавцем вашого резюме.




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Будівельні роботи

Не марнуйте час і розпочніть процес працевлаштування вже зараз, щоб на той час, коли вам дозволять виїхати за межі України, ви вже знали, куди їдете, скільки будете заробляти і де житимете. 

Якщо ви вже у Європі і маєте дозвіл на роботу, ми працевлаштуємо вас у лічені дні. Ми не оплачуємо житло, але для тих, хто знаходиться за межами України, посильно допомагаємо з його пошуком.

Повний список вакансій в нашому мобільному додатку. Завантажуйте і почніть працювати вже зараз.

Президент України Володимир Зеленський пока що не затвердив законопроект, ми продовжимо слідкувати за ситуацією і доповнювати статтю новою інформацією.

Знайдіть роботу мрії


Ukrainian Refugees Find Employment In Ontario, Canada Through Joblio Platform

Regarded as the gold standard in the field of cross border employment, the global recruitment platform teamed up with a consortium of Canadian companies and Starlight Investments, to help Ukrainian refugees obtain protected status under the CUAET program and find jobs and housing.


Joblio Inc has today announced that it has successfully secured jobs for the first group of Ukrainian refugees resettled in Canada. The ethical recruitment platform is regarded as the gold standard in the field of cross-border employment and teamed up with Canadian companies to help the refugees find employment across Canada.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Joblio has helped Ukrainian refugees fleeing the horrendous conflict to find employment in Canada. Ян Пурижанский, CEO and co-founder of Joblio Inc, has reiterated the company’s commitment to assisting refugees from Ukraine and insists that it will continue to channel its resources to facilitate their rapid introduction into safer countries.

Our focus at Joblio is to revolutionize migrant assimilation by offering continuous support to help them face unexpected challenges.

Ян Пурижанский
Founder of Joblio

Joblio Inc. efficiently handled all aspects of their job hunting process – from the preparation and execution of documents to resume development, search for sponsors, organization of meetings, and search for housing.

To ease the difficult affair of relocation, Starlight Investments came forward to  provide accommodations for resettled refugees, with flexible terms to allow them to build stability without worrying about immediate bills. Founded in 2011, the North American Real Estate firm manages assets on behalf of publicly listed, institutional, and private investors and has reaffirmed its commitment to creating sustainable and modern living spaces where people want to live, work, shop, and play.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, and we will continue to do all we can to support and help them get through these trying times. We understand the challenges of a sudden move abroad and are working together to be as flexible as possible.

Simone Webb
Starlight Executive Director of National Leasing, Starlight Investments

Founded by Ян Пурижанский and chaired by the former president of the Manpower Group Дэвид Арклесс, Joblio operates more efficient recruitment, training, and retraining process for cross-border employment . The company’s proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program is focused on pre-departure and post-arrival community management, helping international job seekers to begin acclimating to their new homes even before they leave their countries of origin.

Differentiated from the non-transparent and inefficient practices of the current global migrant labor market, Joblio’s accessible global platform removes the unethical middlemen from the process, freeing up more economic value for both employers and laborers. Its streamlined and transparent hiring process results in faster applicant processing, higher employee satisfaction, and lower employee attrition.

Media Contacts:

To learn more about the revolutionary practices of the leading recruitment company please reach out to Joblio via the contact Joblio, Inc.

Attn: Media Relations
Miami, FL 33180

Looking to hire?

About Starlight Investments

Starlight Investments is a privately held Toronto-based, full service, multi-family and commercial real estate investment and asset management company driven by an experienced team of over 300 professionals. The company currently manages over $25.0 billion of direct real estate as well as real estate investment securities. Investment vehicles include institutional joint ventures, True North Commercial REIT, Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Funds, the Northview Fund and Starlight Capital Funds. Starlight Investment’s portfolio consists of approximately 73,000 multi-residential units across Canada and the U.S. and over 8.0 million square feet of commercial properties.

Media Contacts:

Starlight Investments
Attn: Talia Schwebel
Director of Marketing, Starlight Investments

The Starlight Story

Медичні працівники у Канаді завжди користувалися  великим попитом і давно включені до списку NOC. Це означає, що кваліфіковані медики, які діють у межах Федеральної програми імміграції, можуть отримати ПМЖ і всі соціальні гарантії. Сьогодні ми розповімо, як почуваються та на що можуть розраховувати  медичні працівники-іноземці у Канаді.

Мінімальні вимоги для імміграції медика

Якщо ви хочете  працевлаштуватися як медичний працівник, вам потрібно:

Більшість з тих, хто бажає виїхати до Канади як медичний працівник, самостійно заглиблюються у тематику й успішно підтверджують дипломи, інші звертаються по допомогу до спеціалізованих агентств.

Щоб отримати ліцензію на медичну діяльність у Канаді, необхідно підтвердити кваліфкацію. Для цього доведеться  відправити копію диплому до Медичної ради Канади (Medical Council of Canada, MCC) для верифікації (Source Verification Request, SVR) та замовити оцінку (Educational Credential Assessment, ECA).

Другим кроком буде складання іспитів за фахом і мовного тесту.

Весь процес займає від кількох місяців до одного року. Якщо за підсумками освіту кандидата  не визнають, доведеться пройти  курси підвищення кваліфікації.

Де працювати до отримання ліцензії на медичну діяльність у Канаді

У Канаді, як і раніше, існує великий попит не тільки на лікарів, але й на молодший та середній медичний персонал.

Після підтвердження диплому ви швидко знайдете роботу або відкриєте приватну практику. Але й без місцевого диплому ви без роботи не залишитеся.

Joblio надасть повну підтримку з працевлаштування медпрацівників  у будинках для людей похилого віку, особистими помічниками та доглядальницями.

Для громадян України на території Канади  діє програма CUAET. Вона дозволяє в’їхати до Канади громадянам України та їхнім родичам і залишатися там протягом двох років.

Якщо ви знаходитеся за територією країни, Joblio виступить вашим гарантом перед урядом Канади. Ми допоможемо знайти роботу та житло, станемо посередником між вами і роботодавцями, простежимо, щоб ваші трудові права не порушувалися, і не візьмемо з вас за все це ніякої комісії.

Зарплатня лікарів у Канаді 2022

Розмір зарплатні медичних працівників відрізняється відповідно до профілю, стажу та освіти.  Наприклад, найвищий рівень зарплатні серед медиків, які представлені на ринку Канади, мають хірурги. Вона варіюється від 250 до 700 тисяч канадських доларів на рік, у той час як ортодонт заробляє 200 – 400 тисяч канадських доларів на рік. Медсестри, фельдшери та фармацевти отримують від 6000 до 8000 канадських доларів на місяць.

Розмір зарплатні значною мірою залежить від наявного досвіду. Чим більший стаж, тим вища зарплатня. Оплата праці  новачка і медпрацівника з 20-річним стажем може відрізнятися удвічі.

Ваша зарплатня у Канаді, якщо ви:

Чи варто бути медиком у Канаді

Незважаючи на високе навантаження, медики у Канаді дуже високо цінуються, що виражається як у грошовому еквіваленті, так і у поважному ставленні з боку суспільства. Чи варто змінювати життя, вирішувати тільки вам. Оцініть свої можливості, сили, знання і прийміть обдумане рішення. Joblio допоможе вам здійснити мрію. Все, що вам необхідно зробити, – це завантажити нашу пропозицію, заповнити профіль і відгукнутися на вакансію, що вас зацікавила. За деякий час ми зв’яжемося з вами для уточнення деталей.

Щоб подати заявку

заповніть анкету

ТОП-спеціальності для медиків

У Канаді є попит як на висококваліфікованих медичних працівників, так і на середній та молодший персонал.

Мы постарались выделить наиболее востребованные медицинские профессии в Канаде:

Повний список вакансій з зарплатами від 3000 CAD в місяць і більше в нашому мобільному додатку. Завантажуйте і почніть працювати вже зараз.

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