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Canada has received nearly 60,000 applications from Ukrainian refugees since March 22nd, leading businesses across the country to search for the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Many HR departments want to know how to hire Ukrainians, yet not all of them are sure which industries hire Ukrainians or what skills these talented migrants possess.

Implementing the best practices for hiring Ukrainians across essential industries will be vital for Canada’s economic future. Here are the secrets for hiring Ukrainian labour and how to ensure these talented workers feel at home in the Great White North.

Understand The Basics – Do Ukrainians Speak English?

Some companies are eager to hire Ukrainian labour but have a few questions before they onboard new talent. Do Ukrainians speak English? Are there Ukrainians with college degrees who can be recruited for advanced industries? What skills do Ukrainians have that Canadian companies can make immediate use of? Understanding the answers to these questions is the first step in implementing the best practices for hiring Ukrainians across the country.

Ukraine is a bilingual country where most can fluently speak either Ukrainian, Russian, or both languages. Younger Ukrainans are more likely to understand and speak English fluently than their older peers, and Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has already announced a government effort to educate incoming Ukrainians in English and French. Most of these Ukrainians are talented women from a variety of backgrounds with a wide degree of skills that can be put to use in different industries.

According to a 2019 report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Ukraine “ranks fourth in the world in the number of people with a higher education,” with a 100% literacy rate amongst its younger generations. The 2017/18 school year saw over 1.5 million Ukrainian students enrolled in higher education, something that will surely assist Canadian employers training Ukrainian migrants in the coming months. Female Ukrainians can quickly fill vacant positions across the Canadian economy in the hospitality, caregiving, and logistical sectors.

“Ukrainians with college degrees and working class Ukrainians with valuable trade skills can make massive contributions to Canada’s economy,” according to global relocation expert Jon Purizhansky. “Canadian businesses will benefit tremendously from hiring female Ukrainian labourers.”

Which Industries Hire Female Ukrainians In Canada?

Countless Canadian companies are already eager to hire talented Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion. According to Monte McNaughton, minister of labour for Ontario,Canada there are now “more than 30,000 jobs waiting for Ukrainians” in the province. Businesses looking to hire in the hospitality, caregiving, and cleaning sectors will need to put together competitive offers to lure in the best talent.

Food processors, bakeries, warehouses, logistical centers, and retailers are all eager to hire as many talented Ukrainians as they can. According to the Canadian government, immigrants now account for nearly 100% of the Canadian labour force’s growth. Key sectors like healthcare have already been supercharged by immigration, indicating that Ukrainians with college degrees will make a very positive impact in certain critical hiring sectors.

“A company that wants to hire Ukrainian women or create a program for training Ukrainian migrants will be able to outcompete others locally and globally,” says Jon Purizhansky. “It’s a win-win situation for Canadians and Ukrainians alike.”

Not enough time has elapsed yet to determine specific hiring trends related to Ukrainian labour, but the coming months will doubtlessly see increased economic activity as a result of skilled Ukrainian labour pouring into Canada’s vital industries.

Training Ukrainian Migrants For Success In Canada

HR departments looking to recruit skilled Ukrainian labour must take certain steps to ensure smooth assimilation and long-term economic success for everyone involved. Training Ukrainian migrants as they arrive and developing both English and French language courses will be essential for the continued growth of Canada’s labour force in the 21st century.

“Businesses need to be hands-on when it comes to providing housing, language services, cultural integration support, and childcare if they want to hire Ukrainian women,” Jon Purizhansky notes. “The best practices for hiring Ukrainians will always put the wellbeing of people first, understanding that economic success always follows when workers are treated well.”

Are you interested in learning how to hire Ukrainians in Canada? Joblio is leading an international humanitarian effort to assist Ukrainians fleeing peril. By providing critical expertise that helps companies and nonprofits provide housing, employment, and childcare to Ukrainians fleeing the conflict, Joblio is making a difference and reshaping the future of human migration.

Joblio has been tirelessly assisting companies with the hiring of Ukrainian refugees.  We are working with a consortium of 12 Canadian companies who expressed their interest in hiring Ukrainian refugees.  Through our offices in Poland, Romania, and Moldova we have the candidate to fill these job positions in Canada, primarily in the Toronto area at present, but with greater national capacity in the coming months.

HR managers and business owners in Canada that want to fill in open positions with Ukrainian workers can reach out to Joblio today:

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