Labor Migrants

Labor Migrants who came to the UK got into a Debt Bondage

In response to the global staffing crisis, Britain called out to workers in other countries to help ease the pressure. However, many of them ended up paying thousands of dollars in illegal fees. After leaving her home in India, Meera Stephen came to Britain to work at a nursing home. She was one of thousands […]

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

Today is The International father’s day Day. We would like to celebrate the occasion with you by sharing some important statistics on migrant workers. According to The World Bank analysts, the amount of family remittances is expected to increase by 4.2% in 2022, reaching $630 billion. In 2021, the amount of money that  migrant workers sent to […]

Worker Shortage

Poland’s Worker Shortage has Reached a New Peak

If you’re a company manager, you must be dealing with a lack of qualified workforce. In February of 2022, Poland saw a massive labour outflow. By mid-May, the situation had failed to stabilize, while the negative trend continued. The number of job openings in Poland has increased by 35%. All this poses the question of […]