Worker Shortage

If you’re a company manager, you must be dealing with a lack of qualified workforce. In February of 2022, Poland saw a massive labour outflow. By mid-May, the situation had failed to stabilize, while the negative trend continued. The number of job openings in Poland has increased by 35%. All this poses the question of how to find and hire new staff to personnel managers. Joblio will help you recruit highly motivated employees, as our database provides information on workers from 45 job markets who are ready for relocation.

What’s happening?

At first glance, the current trend seems unreasonable: thousands of Ukrainian refugees were expected to fill the vacant positions. However, as this did not happen, let us try to figure out why a third of Polish companies are missing almost 50% of their workforce.

Current statistics

In April, a government-commissioned survey of employers showed that:

·        30% of employers are missing almost 50% of the staff

·        There are 18% more vacancies aimed at male rather than female workers

·        The food industry is in greatest need of finding new workers (10%), followed by consumer goods industry, energy industry, sales, logistics and e-commerce.

What happened?

Polish businesses

Since the beginning of the war, Polish businesses have been massively refusing to cooperate with Russian partners. Employers most often cite this fact as the prime reason for the current worker shortage.

The second reason is the rapid economic recovery and growth in the aftermath of the Covid‚ÄĎ19 pandemic. In the first quarter of 2022, the GDP growth already amounted to 2.4%, while by the end of the year, a figure of 8.5% is expected.

Seasonal work in Poland

In the forthcoming harvest season, Poland is expected to miss thousands of migrant workers from developing countries due to the unstable global political situation of 2022. Migrant workers are typically engaged in this type of work, especially as warehouse workers.

Seasonal work in Poland

Demand for women’s labour

As was mentioned before, vacancies traditionally seen as ‚Äėmale-dominated jobs‚Äô by far outnumber those associated with women‚Äôs labour, which is why so many positions still remain vacant. The solution to this problem lies in compromising and hiring more women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Top 8 in-demand jobs in Poland:

  1.  Qualified and unqualified









‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† bricklayer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† earth-moving machine operator



  1. IT

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† application developer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† programmer

  1. Engineering

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† electrical installation engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† construction engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† mechanical engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† bioengineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† genetic engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† chemical/food engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† pharmacist

  1. Finance

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† accountant

  1. Service industry

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† nurse

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† nanny

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† hairdresser

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† massage therapist

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† physiotherapist

  1. Logistics

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† warehouse logistics specialist

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† logistics engineer

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† logistics scheduler

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† delivery manager

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† transport manager

  1. Food industry

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† cook

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† confectioner

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† baker

  1. Personnel

‚󏬆¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†recruitment officer


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