Ukrainian workers

Labor Migrants

Labor Migrants who came to the UK got into a Debt Bondage

In response to the global staffing crisis, Britain called out to workers in other countries to help ease the pressure. However, many of them ended up paying thousands of dollars in illegal fees. After leaving her home in India, Meera Stephen came to Britain to work at a nursing home. She was one of thousands […]

Work Permits Turn Refugees

How Work Permits Turn Refugees Into An Economic Lifeline

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked a refugee crisis across Europe that threatens the largest humanitarian disaster since World War II. Nevertheless, the worst outcomes can still be avoided with sound work policies that teach companies the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Fair work opportunities turn refugees into good neighbors. Work permits, an […]

Hiring Ukrainians

Best Practices For Hiring Ukrainians In Canada

Canada has received nearly 60,000 applications from Ukrainian refugees since March 22nd, leading businesses across the country to search for the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Many HR departments want to know how to hire Ukrainians, yet not all of them are sure which industries hire Ukrainians or what skills these talented migrants possess. Implementing […]