3 Benefits Of Hiring Foreign Talent

3 Benefits Of Hiring Foreign Talent

In August, Canadian employers were actively recruiting for more than one million unfilled positions

This, of course, is indicative of Canada’s ongoing labor shortage. There simply aren’t enough active candidates vying for positions, leaving vital roles unfilled in just about every industry. However, as empty seats within offices cost money and time – it’s crucial that you’re able to fill these positions sooner rather than later. 

However, one way in which you can remedy this is by hiring foreign talent. After all, Canada welcomes thousands of refugees, asylum seekers, and newcomers each year, taking into consideration the fact that “no accounting of our progress over the last century and a half is complete without including the contributions of newcomers.” 

With that in mind, here are just three benefits of hiring foreign talent! 

Open positions get filled quickly. 

One of the biggest reasons why companies may be hesitant to hire foreign talent is because they believe that the process can be time-consuming. However, in doing so, they are failing to realize that there’s already a thriving international community within Canada – meaning you don’t have to wait for employees to enter the country and obtain the right visa. You simply need to give them a chance to show you what they can do. 

For example, at Joblio, we’re already embedded within these communities thanks to our ACE program. This means that we can connect you with a wealth of talent in your local area, who are ready to do whatever it takes to help your company succeed. Not only can we help kickstart these professional relationships, but we can connect you with employees who are ready to take on work ASAP. 

You can curate a more diverse workforce. 

Diversity is important in the workforce – and we should all be working to ensure our work environments are reflective of our wider communities. Not only is this simply the right thing to do – but diversity is good for the growth of your business. It brings in new perspectives and helps you to combat challenges in creative ways. It allows you to move forward from outdated practices with new and innovative ideas in mind. 

For example, a recent study found that Diverse companies enjoy 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee. Furthemore, the more diverse your workforce is – the easier it will be to fill vacant positions. This is because potential hires will see themselves reflected in your company, proving it will be a welcoming environment for them to step into. 

New ideas are brought to the table. 

“When hiring newcomers, you’re also opening the door to innovation. This is because they’ll bring new perspectives to the table, which can work for the betterment of your company, “  said Jon Purizhansky, CEO and Founder of Joblio.

“For example, they could help you to find new ways to improve your relationship with your customers, especially if they are multilingual. After all, some 200 languages are spoken across Canada – and having multilingual employees on your team means you’re able to communicate with a wider audience. This could enable you to expand your customer base and increase sales,” said Purizhansky.  

Final thoughts

In short, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring foreign talent – especially if you’re looking for ways to grow your company in 2022 and beyond. To get started and begin reaching out to talented recruits, get in touch today via email at employer@joblio.co or visit https://joblio.co

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