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Why Western New York is a Great Place for New Americans: Insights from Jon Purizhansky, Founder of Joblio

Introduction Western New York has long been a welcoming region for immigrants and new Americans seeking to build their lives in the United States. Its rich history, diverse culture, and ample opportunities have attracted people from all corners of the world. In this article, we explore why Western New York is a fantastic place for […]


Unemployment in Canada is rising, but the Crisis in the labor Market is not resolved

Unemployment Rate Surges in Canada, Breaking Months of Positive Momentum In a surprising turn, Canada witnessed an increase in the unemployment rate during May, breaking a streak of positive momentum in the labor market that had persisted since August 2022. Recent data from Statistics Canada reveal a net loss of slightly over 17,000 jobs in […]

Hiring Ukrainians

Best Practices For Hiring Ukrainians In Canada

Canada has received nearly 60,000 applications from Ukrainian refugees since March 22nd, leading businesses across the country to search for the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Many HR departments want to know how to hire Ukrainians, yet not all of them are sure which industries hire Ukrainians or what skills these talented migrants possess. Implementing […]

Integrating Refugees

Demand Ethical Recruiting Now: Integrating Refugees into the Global Community

Last year the world watched in horror as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in mere weeks. While the images of refugees are both heart-wrenching and infuriating, for those who survive this gauntlet, there are hosts of parasites and middlemen who wait to take advantage of their desperate status. I was a refugee and later, a […]