Legislation to Protect Migrant Workers

In a major development this week, Ontario has introduced legislation to strengthen protections and increase fines for employers found to have withheld a migrant worker’s passport or work permit. The new penalties are the largest imposed on any employer for unlawful migrant employment practices, with offenders facing between $100,000 to $200,000 in fines for each worker whose rights were violated.

The legislation, known as the Working for Workers Act, also imposes penalties on individuals. Anyone who withholds a migrant’s passport or work permit can face up to 12 months in prison and up to $500,000 in fines, while corporations may be fined up to $1 million.

Anyone who preys on vulnerable members in our community has no place in our society,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development.

Great Steps Towards Equality for Migrant Workers

This move is a great step towards creating greater equality for migrant workers. While some employers may believe that they are exempt from these penalties if they hire through staffing agencies, the reality is that they cannot always guarantee their vendors and agents are acting ethically. For instance, some vendors may charge candidates a fee or withhold their documents to ensure payment of such fees. It is not unknown for migrant workers and immigrants in Canada to pay thousands of dollars to gain employment through a chain of middlemen in their country of origin.

Joblio Has Always Stood for Human Rights

Joblio directly connects Canadian employers with their prospective employees globally thereby removing the unscrupulous middlemen from the ecosystem. Joblio protects the ethical recruitment methodology by ensuring that job applicants pay nothing to secure employment and learn the conditions of their proposed employment directly from the employers as opposed to the middlemen. Joblio’s network of ambassadors (religious organizations; NGOs and individuals) provides global recruitment reach for any employer registered on Joblio’s platform. Joblio’s Applicant Concierge Experience Program (ACE) not only ensures the humane treatment of foreign workers but also provides Canadian employers with a valuable loyalty and retention tool

Employers who work with Joblio will never face scrutiny from the government for being involved in unethical employment practices,” said Mark Reimann, VP of Government Relations at Joblio. “The Working for Workers Act is an important step forward for all migrant workers, and Joblio fully supports its passage.”

Joblio, whose Board includes David Arkless, founder and chairman of Arklight Consulting and former president of Manpower Inc., has always stood for human rights. Joblio connects employers in host countries with migrant workers seeking employment, providing transparency and an unparalleled hiring process for host country employers.

Working with Joblio means working with pillars of ethical employment,” said Jon Purizhansky, CEO of Joblio. “Our team has implemented strategies created by our founding members, including Arkless, to properly vette incoming migrant workers and match them with employment that fits their skill set.”

Choose a Proven Partner: Joblio

With migrant workers entering safer host countries on a consistent basis, employers looking to hire from this pool should choose Joblio to assist. We have removed the possibility of fraud and corruption that has created many cautionary tales about hiring migrant workers. Plus, Joblio assists migrant workers in finding gainful employment where they can utilize their skills and remain, significantly reducing employee churn.

For further information, contact Gord Bretsen, Country Manager of Canada, at gbretsen@joblio.co to start the hiring process with Joblio.

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