Joblio Makes Utilizing Foreign Talent Easy: Here's How

Joblio Makes Utilizing Foreign Talent Easy: Here’s How

A recent report from Business Insider has reported that “while a global population drop is good news for the planet, it will be a huge challenge for our economic and social systems”.  This is because the shrinking population will also lead to a comparable shrinking of the workforce, with fewer and fewer people available to fill vital roles across all industries. 

In many cases, we are already experiencing the chaos caused by labor shortages. For example, in Canada alone, it was reported that a record high of nearly one million jobs were unfilled in the second quarter of 2022. 

Thankfully, one way in which you can fill spaces within your company is by hiring foreign talent. After all, Canada welcomes record numbers of foreign talent and refugees into the country year in year out, meaning there are plenty of people actively looking for work, but going unnoticed. 

There are many reasons why hiring managers may be hesitant to utilize foreign talent. Firstly, they may be keen to fill positions sooner rather than later, meaning they don’t want to wait for a potential employee to relocate or secure the relevant paperwork and documentation. For example, the average employee will have to be able to find housing, obtain a visa, complete medical paperwork etc. However, as mentioned above, Canada already has a thriving refugee population – meaning job seekers are already based in the country and actively looking for work. This means that your next hire could be just a few short days away from joining your team. 

Other reservations may be associated with cultural barriers. For example, as a recruiter, you are responsible for finding employees who blend seamlessly into your team to ensure all work is carried out to a high standard. When presented with persistent language or cultural barriers, this could prove worrisome. For example, in high-stress or potentially hazardous environments, it’s crucial that employees can understand instructions and adhere to protocols as a matter of safety. 

However, this is where Joblio steps in. 

“We realized that the easiest way to fill the gap between foreign talent and hiring managers was to find a way to help new recruits assimilate into their new country, before they land their dream job,” said Jon Purizhansky, CEO and Founder of Joblio. “To do this, we created the ACE program.” 

The ACE program is designed to help foreign talent feel at home in their new environment. Firstly, one of our global ambassadors will work closely with individuals to ensure they secure visas and other forms of the necessary documentation. This makes navigating a complex legal landscape as easy as possible.  We then support them when it comes to finding suitable housing – which is not only a nice place to live – but also gives them excellent transport links to make commuting easy and straightforward. 

The rest of the program is centered on providing foreign talent with cultural enrichment and language support, while their key human needs are met. For example, those looking to improve their communication skills can participate in language classes, which means they can then adapt easily to any working environment. Closing the language gap not only sets them up for professional success but also enables them to make meaningful, lasting relationships with their coworkers. This improves employee retention rates, while also ensuring you’re building a multicultural, diverse workforce. 

We also try to find ways to help foreign talent understand Canadian culture, through sharing new foods and participating in enrichment activities. This has many benefits – when a person feels at home in their new country, they’re more likely to make long-term plans to remain there. This means that any employees joining your team are there for the long haul. 

“To put it simply, our ACE program helps you to fill jobs by hiring foreign talent – without any stress, as we do all of the hard work on your behalf.  We focus on connecting talented employees with hiring managers – creating long-lasting working relationships that help your company thrive,” Purizhansky added.

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