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The social impact that Joblio creates is measurable. Every person who finds work on Joblio app does this in an ethical , transparent and compliant way without having to pay for job placement. Joblio continues to help people all over the world even when the governments of host countries are overwhelmed with humanitarian crisis.

Joblio just received work permits for citizens of Nigeria, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and the Philippines. These workers, originating from the developing world, will now be able to experience upwards social mobility by commencing employment in the EU. Joblio is immensely proud of the fact that it’s changing people’s lives for the better globally!

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Seal & Design employee Elizabeth packages some products at the facility in Clarence on Thursday, February 1, 2024. (Photo by Mark Mulville)
"Small changes can help ensure employees from other countries and cultures feel welcome."
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