How Can Joblio’s ACE Support Refugees In Canada?

How Can Joblio’s ACE Support Refugees In Canada?

Between March 17 and December 6, 2022, Canadian embassies received 824,494 applications from Ukrainian refugees as part of the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel Program. While this procedure grants them a temporary residence visa, many seek permanent opportunities to remain within the country.

However, as”whether refugees fared well in Canada ultimately depends on their employment prospects,” business owners across the country must work to offer suitable employment opportunities that will provide them with stability, enrichment, and social mobility.

“At Joblio, we created ACE, or Applicant Concierge Experience, our proprietary program to help foreign workers assimilate into their host country. Through this program, we provide them with invaluable insight into the host country through language and culture classes, alongside more consistent support throughout their employment, both of which make assimilation as easy as possible,” – said Esther Katz, CMO and Global ACE Director, Joblio.

What exactly is ACE?

Our ACE program offers pre-departure and post-arrival support to foreign talent who have secured a job overseas. The support offered by the program, and Joblio as a whole, can be split into three categories: 

  1. Preparing the worker.
  2. Arrival in the host country.
  3. Departure.

Preparing the Worker.

When a recruit enters the ACE program, they will already have a job offer within their host country. We then provide them with the knowledge and insight they need to make the most of this opportunity, ensuring their time within their new role will benefit all parties. 

Telegram Chat.

Once a job offer has been processed, one of our community management ambassadors will curate a group chat of around 20 workers. During this chat, they will share the following information: 

  • Daily info about the hosting country. 
  • Information regarding paperwork and salaries.
  • Major employment announcements/opportunities.
  • Invitations to online classes, such as language classes.
  • Polls and questionaries.

This chat is designed to support workers as they familiarize themselves with their host country. However, they will also share specific information regarding their employment in this chat. For example, this could include company rules and policies or whether or not employees will wear a uniform. 

Simply put, the chat is designed to ensure that foreign workers know everything they need about their new role before they step foot on the plane. This means they feel confident and empowered, putting them on the path to success. 

Language Classes.

Community managers will also encourage workers to enroll in weekly classes typically held on zoom. 

During these classes, 70% of the session will be geared towards learning the host country’s language, whereas the other 30% will be dedicated to learning (and understanding) cultural norms and traditions. These classes are tailored directly around the recruits’ careers so that they know the specific vocabulary and language used in their new workplace. For example, the vocabulary used by a senior pharmacist will differ considerably from someone who works in retail – and our specialist classes cater to this.

Language and cultural classes are beneficial in more ways than one. They can make it easier for foreign workers to communicate with their managers (and colleagues), thus becoming a more valuable team member. This also reduces the chances of them struggling in the workplace. 

These classes are mandatory, given that cultural adjustment is one of the most significant barriers refugees face when settling in a new country. For example, a recent study reported that “struggling with cultural adjustment can make refugees feel isolated, pressured, depressed, and intimidated.” As such, being aware of their host countries’ culture and customs can help them prepare for their new life and help them settle in. Failure to adjust could mean they leave before their contract expires, resulting in a loss of money for all parties.

Introduction to Local Community & Operations Manager.

The group will meet their local community and operations manager, who will support them throughout their employment. These connections are best made early; as community managers can help ease any anxieties the workers face before departure. 

Community and operations managers will provide the foreign talent under their care with incredibly varied assistance during their professional relationship. For example, they will put them in contact with landlords who are willing to take on tenants without credit checks. They’ll also ensure that rental fees are no more than 30% of their monthly income and that properties are within a reasonable distance from their place of employment (30 minutes or less). This support will make it easier for refugees to settle into their host country, as they can sign a lease before arrival. 

The community manager will also provide them with information and support when they work to obtain their social insurance, permits, state ID cards, and more, depending on which country they will work in. For example, they will tell them exactly where they need to go to obtain these documents and what paperwork they should take with them. 

Beyond this, operations managers are there to offer support throughout the entire employment contract. If employees feel they are being mistreated, the manager can advocate for them. 

Arrival in the host country.

Departure Support.

Once all of the necessary paperwork has been completed, it’s time for the employee to depart from their origin country. However, as discussed above, the new employee will, by this stage, have a thorough understanding of what lies ahead. 

They’ll have already signed a lease for a home and an employment contract and will know everything there is to know about their host country. They’ll also be provided with detailed information on how to get from their airport to their new home upon arrival. 


Once an employment contract has reached its end date, Joblio will also support workers should they be returning to their homes. For example, they will ensure they know their employment timeline and that they have purchased relevant plane/transport tickets. 

As many may be keen to remain within their host country permanently, Joblio will also put them in contact with a skilled immigration lawyer to discuss this further. We also host free webinars on the legalities and regulations in place regarding immigration. This way, foreign workers are empowered and informed, able to make decisions that protect their best interests without falling victim to scams or abuse. 

How can the Joblio ACE Program support Ukrainian Refugees in Canada? 

“There are many benefits associated with refugees making the most of the Joblio ACE Program,” said Esther Katz, CMO, and Global ACE Director, Joblio.

For example, it can: 

  • Help them maintain a sense of community when settling in a new country, helping them to battle feelings of isolation, loneliness, and homesickness. 
  • Provide them with an opportunity to pursue a career they are passionate about. 
  • Help resolve employment issues in host countries by making it easier for companies and organizations to source reputable, passionate talent.

If you’d like to learn more about the Joblio ACE Program, please do not hesitate to get in touch today via email at or visit

A team member would be happy to discuss the program further, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer. 

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