Criminal Rings: An Investigation Into Modern Slavery

The International Labour Organization continues to remind the world that millions of people are enthralled in modern slavery rings. Despite decades of legal and humanitarian progress, countless individuals are still subjugated to brutal conditions and forced to work against their will. The criminal rings that facilitate these crimes are motivated by pure profit.  Human trafficking […]

Halting The Migrant Crisis Using Joblio

The ongoing migrant crisis in Europe continues to challenge government officials, NGOs, and private businesses desperately trying to manage the flow of people across borders. While some temporary measures have helped authorities regain control, a long-term solution to disorganized and dangerous migration is sorely needed. WIth the Joblio platform, we can halt the migrant crisis […]

Recognizing and Protecting the Humanity of Migrants

Millions of migrants are on the move around the world today, yet international human rights protections are all too frequently flouted by those in power. Recognizing and protecting the shared humanity between ourselves and the migrant community is of critical importance. As refugees from Afghanistan, Haiti, and elsewhere seek new lives abroad, the global community […]

Mastering Community Management for Migrant Workers

Employers around the world depend upon migrant labourers, yet few take the necessary steps to integrate these essential workers into local communities. By providing community management services for migrant workers, employers can drastically reduce expensive worker turnover while bolstering productivity and social cohesion across the workforce.  From offering language support to organizing community shopping trips, […]

Know Your Rights

Migrant workers around the world are vulnerable to wage theft, harsh working conditions, and other forms of abuse. Laws exist to protect migrants, but recruiters are willing to do anything to earn money at the expense of migrants. To avoid debt bondage, human trafficking, and other abuses, it’s important to know your rights.  Are you […]

Rebecca Churchill Joins Joblio As Valued Adviser

Joblio is pleased to announce that Rebecca Churchill is the latest member of the international business community to become a valued adviser for the technological platform. We are proud to strengthen our team with the presence of a veteran communications expert on our all-star roster of international advisers.  “I’m eager to help Joblio establish a […]

Joblio Unveils Strategic Partnership With ICEJ To Champion Human Rights.

Joblio is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) to fuel economic growth across the world. The cutting-edge technology platform will now coordinate with ICEJ to connect employment seekers around the globe with recruiters in need of new workers. The ICEJ is well known for hosting […]

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