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Happy Father’s Day

Today is The International father’s day Day. We would like to celebrate the occasion with you by sharing some important statistics on migrant workers. According to The World Bank analysts, the amount of family remittances is expected to increase by 4.2% in 2022, reaching $630 billion. In 2021, the amount of money that  migrant workers sent to […]

Niedobór pracowników w Polsce bije kolejne rekordy

Jeśli jesteś kierownikiem firmy, prawdopodobnie borykasz się z problemem braku pracowników. W lutym 2022 r. rozpoczął się błyskawiczny exodus pracowników w Polsce. Do połowy maja sytuacja nie tylko nie ustabilizowała się, ale wręcz uległa dalszemu pogorszeniu. Liczba wolnych miejsc pracy w kraju wzrosła o 35%. U menedżerów ds. rekrutacji pojawia się pytanie, jak szybko znaleźć […]

How Work Permits Turn Refugees Into An Economic Lifeline

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked a refugee crisis across Europe that threatens the largest humanitarian disaster since World War II. Nevertheless, the worst outcomes can still be avoided with sound work policies that teach companies the best practices for hiring Ukrainians. Fair work opportunities turn refugees into good neighbors. Work permits, an […]

The Simple Solution To Germany’s Labour Shortage

The German workforce is steadily aging, with countless companies looking for workers who simply can’t be found. A range of professionals from technical engineers to bricklayers are in high demand, with many pointing to the robotic efficiency of automation as a solution to this problem. That simply won’t be enough, however. The simple solution to […]

Robots Won’t Solve Our Labour Shortage – But Human Workers Can

Ongoing labour shortages continue to frustrate growth in virtually every economic sector. Countries across the developed world are clamoring for solutions, with many pointing to robots and automation as the future of work. In reality, human workers are far more flexible and capable of filling our immediate labour needs than their robotic counterparts. The ongoing […]

Joblio Partners With HR Agencies To Bridge the Gap During Global Labour Crisis

HR agencies across the world have ample access to qualified workers but not enough lead generation to ensure they’re hired. By partnering up with the Joblio platform, HR agencies can easily connect domestic job-seekers with countries recruiting foreign workers, turning a tidy profit all the while. Looking for workers? Want to pair job-seekers up with […]

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