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The beginning of 2022 saw the greatest migration of the past 30 years. Millions of people had to escape countries with unstable economies and low standards of living, leaving their homes behind in search of a better life and better wages. Those who have not yet made the decision to relocate will do so once they get the opportunity. Joblio is helping people all over the world find a job abroad – with no commission for the service.


After a Covid-related decline of migration in 2021-2022, there is now a sharp increase in the number of people migrating to developed nations. According to the statistics provided by the UN, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe has exceeded five million people. Added to the 169 million who migrated in the previous years, this comprises a record number of displaced individuals. It is noteworthy that there are more and more women among them, which signals a positive change in the global issue of gender equality.

According to the figures, 38% of labor migrants have arrived to Europe and Central Asia, 26% have relocated to the United States, Arab and African countries have housed 29% and 8% correspondingly.

Although most of the displaced individuals are adults aged 24 to 60 (87%), figures show that the proportion of young people has reached 11% and keeps rising.


The situation of migrants

Despite the current International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, many people still often work illegally with labour insecurity and poor working conditions. This is especially true for women, whose work is valued noticeably less than men. They are more likely to face gender discrimination in the workplace and are deprived of social protection.

To obtain work permits, migrants have to turn to intermediary firms that charge extortionate fees. Out of hopelessness, migrants agree, becoming slaves and hostages of their situation. They use all the money they earn to pay off their debt to such firms.

The official position of host countries

As mentioned above, officially, host countries have long been concerned with the problem of migrants, but the last three years have greatly contributed to a change in attitudes: developed countries are now recognizing labor migrants and refugees as an opportunity for economic growth rather than a problem.

The European Community needs adequate labor policies to ensure that these persons get the help they rightly deserve.

We have already mentioned that officials are beginning to recognize the enormous role that labour migrants play for economic growth and believe that the best decision is not economizing on them, but helping them get back on their feet. ILO Statistics Director Rafael Diez de Medina says, “These policies can help countries respond to changes in labor supply and demand, stimulate innovation and sustainable development, and transfer and renew skills.”

These policies can help countries respond to changes in labor supply and demand, stimulate innovation and sustainable development, and transfer and renew skills
Rafael Diez de Medina
Rafael Diez de Medina
Director Department of Statistics and Chief Statistician at the International Labour Office

What should migrants do


If you wish to obtain legal employment in a different country, you may well be facing the difficulty of making a big decision. This is an understandable concern, as you are probably reading reports of state officials caring about the problems of migrant workers, and yet see no actual help. Joblio can be your solution.

We have turned the employment relationship around and put all the financial costs on your employer. Now the employment costs will be paid by the company looking for motivated staff (and not you!).

Now let’s talk about what Joblio does:

● Protecting Human Rights Above All

We guarantee effective protection of labor migrants’ rights.

● We prepare all documents for you.

● We have a global ambassador program with recruits all over the world joining. They can become a bridge between you and our company.

● We provide legal support before your official employment, as well as constant guidance afterwards

● We organize language courses and other adaptation activities

Most importantly, you will not have to pay a penny for our help and employment. We understand that money is not to be paid by someone in a difficult situation, but by an employer willing to increase the efficiency of the business.

Where migrants are needed the most

The service sector (highest number of job openings):

– housemaid

– nanny

– nurse

– hairdresser

– waiter

– cleaning company employee

– bartender

– plumber

– administrator

Construction industry:

– tiler

– plumber

– house painter

– welder

– carpenter

– land surveyor


– warehouse worker

– machine operator

– loader driver

– trucker

Food industry

– cook

– assistant chef

– chef

– food processing technician

Seasonal work

– harvesting

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