Gord Bretsen Canada Country Manager

At Joblio, we are proud of our approach to diversity and inclusion through actionable operations supported by robust technology. Ethical recruitment of migrants, immigrants, and refugees is Joblio’s mission, brought to life by the team of seasoned professionals in 45 global markets. Canada is a strategic focus region for Joblio and today we are happy to present a new team leader who will bring a breadth of experience to this strategic host market.

We’re thrilled to announce our new Canada Country Manager, Gord Bretsen. Gord brings twenty years of integrated human resources operations experience where he has mastered agency management, staffing, and strategic planning. One of the highlights of his career is a recruitment program for Newcomers Canada, helping immigrants find access to employment, resources, and federal internship programs. 

Questions for Gord Bretsen

Knowing how pivotal Gord’s role is going to be in our operations, we wanted to take a minute to introduce him to you by asking a few questions. 

What excites you about working with Joblio?

I’m thrilled about the service offerings Joblio provides for Canadian employers. At a time of record-high labor shortages, Joblio creates a unique opportunity for employers to fulfill their workforce needs with employees that want to work and will stay with the job longer than with other sourcing companies. While conventional staffing models may provide short-term results, Joblio’s global reach and ethical recruitment platform have proven a retention rate of better than 95% after 12 months – this is something I’m so excited to be a part of! I am a service-oriented individual and am looking forward to helping both Canadian businesses and immigrants looking for work find exactly what they need.

Where do you think your passion for helping migrant workers comes from?

The answer is twofold. Assisting my clients to succeed in finding top-tier skilled staff is paramount and what drives me. And, I want to put my hand out to help those in need. I’ve always been a conduit for bringing people together. I love to be a part of this vocation whether I’m working to build strong teams, referring vendors that are the perfect fit for my clients, or finding meaningful work for job seekers. I believe we are in a global village and from this perspective, there are very few challenges we can’t overcome. 

What will be your biggest challenge in this position? How about your biggest goal for this role?

The biggest challenge will be creating a seamless, functional ecosystem between migrant workers, refugees, domestic talent, government, and NGOs across Canada. I am very excited about this challenge and the prospect of successful relationships developed during this process.

My biggest goal for this role is for Canadian employers to think of Joblio as the ‘go-to’ solution for challenging staffing needs. Not only does this help an individual seeking employment, or a company’s bottom line, but Canada as a whole.

Do you have any stories from working in roles like this that really resonate with you? Can you share?

Having experience in global recruitment, I have witnessed tears of joy from selected individuals from source countries. I had employees that have found the right place for them to use their passions and provide for their families. They thanked me for changing their life. Being a part of this process means I get to know the employees I’m working with. I learn their needs, wants, background, and experience, but also what drives them and will keep them motivated. Advocating for them and finding them the perfect fit means they will be satisfied and their family will be secure – I often get tear-filled hugs and lots of smiles. It’s an amazing experience.

What is the best piece of advice you’d give to an employer considering hiring migrant workers?

The best piece of advice I would share with an employer is what the work ethic and expanded perspective global talent can bring to an organization. I would also show them the data Joblio has produced – with a 95% retention rate, these companies don’t have to worry about the incredible employee churn that occurs in the existing job market. 

I would also remind them that Joblio extensively works with its employees before connecting them with an employer. We help them find housing, sustainable financial needs, medical care, and education to guarantee they’re settled in their new community and want to stay in the position we find for them. It’s a win-win situation. Hiring migrant workers exemplifies Canadian values of inclusion and at the same time, permits companies to meet their financial and operational goals.

How Does Joblio Work?

Whether you’re an incoming immigrant worker or an employer looking to hire migrant workers, Joblio works for both sides. For employers, we save you time and money by reducing employee churn, assisting with paperwork, and expeditiously filling up open positions.

For employees, we connect employees directly with their employers and help them find the exact job that suits their experience and needs. We fast-track visas and work permits and educate employees on the culture of their host country, laws, language, health care, and more.

Additionally, we remove fraud and corruption from the hiring process, allowing both employers and employees to see one another as trusted allies. We help employers get tax credits and fulfill obligations all while finding incredibly-suited candidates. 

Contact Joblio Today

Employers looking to fill in open jobs by employing refugees, migrants, and immigrants and bring diversity equality and inclusion programs to action are welcome to reach out to Gord Bretsen directly by emailing gbretsen@joblio.co.

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