Migrant Workers from Venezuela

Since the beginning of 2015, upwards of 7 million Venezuelans have fled the country due to social-political unrest and political turmoil. In the end of 2022, The International Monetary Fund reported that 95% of Venezuelans were living below the poverty line. 

Combining bad conditions, increases in crimes, and less work available after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Venezuelan refugees fled to several South American and North American countries.

Seventeen countries are now host to refugees from the large refugee migration to date, totaling more refugees than the Syrian refugee crisis of 2012. With this influx of refugees, countries are failing to provide necessities for the travelers. Many refugees struggle to find enough food to support their families, let alone find shelter or gainful employment. 

We believe in boosting our economy and our workforce with migrant and immigrant workers. We connect them with vetted employers and help employers find motivated employees ready to work and retain their position,” says Jon Purizhansky, CEO of Joblio.  

With over half a million refugees in the United States and more planning to emigrate to join their families, many Venezuelan refugees are still having difficulty making ends meet. With programs created by the Biden administration to allow for work visas and acceptance into the country, more refugees fled the difficulties they faced in South American countries and headed to the US. Unfortunately, even with higher degrees and better work experience, they are still encountering difficulties finding work and sponsorship.

While Venezuelan refugees are often more educated than refugees from other migrant countries, they can still not find gainful employment. US employers can help Venezuelan refugees in the following ways:

  • Provide gainful employment – by bypassing migrant xenophobia, many Venezuelans would be hired. They typically have solid educational backgrounds and often have managerial experience. Many of the refugees have mechanical and technical experience in demand in the current US job market as well.
  • Offer Ongoing Training – US companies can provide on-the-job training to help maintain migrant workers in their job force. Many are eager for work and willing to put in the time to learn more and move up their workforce’s ladder if the employer will offer such opportunities.
  • CredentialingUS companies can help Venezuelan refugees to gain credentials or re-credential them if they were previously credentialed in their industry. This will help the migrant workers to hone their skills and harness their expertise, thereby remaining committed to a US employer.

Hiring Venezuelan Migrant Workers is An Opportunity for US Employers

Since the beginning of this year, Joblio’s native Venezuelan ambassadors in New York have launched an outreach initiative to the communities in need. Ambassadors work with refugees in tent cities created by NGOs and the government, educating Venezuelans on the work opportunities in their new host country.

Joblio’s platform offers a simple user-friendly registration process that allows potential employees with different levels of English knowledge to get registered and create employee profiles in a matter of minutes.

It takes the guesswork and fear out of finding a migrant worker position and eliminates refugees from having to look for day laborer jobs that can be low-paying and dangerous at times.

Joblio helps migrant workers in the following ways:

  • Employees can communicate easily with their employers through Joblio 
  • Employees can trust the employers they’re getting matched with since Joblio vettes them
  • Resettlement and housing assistance through ACE: our Applicant Concierge Experience program, which helps with resettlement, cultural and language integration
  • Free virtual English language classes

If a US employer chooses to work with Joblio to source migrant workers, they can benefit from our secure platform to find employees. 

We help reduce churn, eliminate fraud, and expedite the recruitment process. 

Working with Joblio gives the following benefits to US employers:

  • Time savings in finding migrant workers
  • Cost savings in sourcing migrant workers
  • Minimized employee churn
  • Increased productivity since employees are properly matched with employers based on their skills
  • Paperwork assistance
  • Recruitment assistance and expedition
  • Access to more-motivated employees 

Help For the Origination Country as Well

Joblio also helps the origination country by eliminating middlemen and corrupt job placement services that may prey upon incoming refugees and migrant workers. This helps international workers trust their contracted employers and ensure transparency. Joblio’s secure job placements also help to facilitate stable foreign remittances. 

Contact Joblio Today

For US-based companies interested in hiring willing migrant workers Joblio may be the perfect solution. We will take the reigns of finding and vetting employees and ensuring their backgrounds, education, and health are suitable for your business. We’ll match you with the ideal candidates and offer support to create longevity in your working relationship. To reach out to Joblio today and discover the ways we can help you plus how your business can help with the Venezuelan refugee crisis, contact Mark Reimann, Country Manager USA mreimann@a55c80d1fd17744ac9fbfa2e38194147-821200a7cc73ca8e.elb.us-east-2.amazonaws.com.

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