A recent study by Bamboo HR showed that 31% of employees left a new job within the first six months of employment and, of those that left, 68% left within the first three months. During the introductory portion of a new position, many employees find the onboarding process lacking and leave positions due to a lack of information, direction, or comfort in their roles. 

According to this study, here are the top reasons employees left so abruptly.

— 28% didn’t feel the job and its duties were a good fit 

— 26% feel their job is different than what was laid out in the interview process

— 23% didn’t like the way their boss interacted with or treated them

Additionally, over 20% of these employees said they might have stayed if they had received clear guidelines about their job responsibilities or if they had been given more effective training. And, 17% said that a friendly coworker or member of leadership would have kept them in the position. 

Employee Retention Pioneered by Joblio’s ACE Program

Joblio’s Application Concierge Experience (ACE) Service is an innovative solution designed to streamline the hiring process and reduce the administrative burden on employers while reducing employee churn and improving employee retention. 

Our proprietary employment retention program offers comprehensive HR services to ensure successful onboarding, employment, and retention for all Joblio-placed employees,” says CEO Jon Purizhansky of Joblio.

With ACE, employers can focus on their core business operations while our community and operations managers (COMs) provide culturally-connected, individualized services to assist new hires with resettlement and HR needs. Each hire is assigned a COM, who guides them through relocation, housing search, and paperwork preparation. COMs continue working with Joblio’s placed employees after their start date and throughout their employment.

One of the key benefits of ACE is the support provided on the first day of work. COMs ensure that new hires have acknowledged their first-day instructions, purchased their uniform, and reviewed employer guidelines, policies, and regulations. Additionally, COMs provide virtual interpreting of the first-day meetings and training through Teams/Google Meets/Zoom, and check in with the new hire on their first day to inquire about the results of the first-day orientation.

Joblio’s extended HR services go beyond onboarding to offer community and cultural support, ESL classes, and conflict resolution services. Employers play an active role in the ACE process by providing workplace playbooks, giving us access to designated employer representatives for any questions or concerns, and giving due consideration to the feedback provided by their employees.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and take measures to ensure it is maintained throughout the ACE process. Joblio’s ACE Service is an optional program that is available to employers to help increase productivity and job satisfaction for both the new employee and the employer. 

With the help of ACE, Joblio is able to place employees and maintain a 95% retention rate. To learn more about our ACE program and ways we can work with your HR team or employment team to find long-term employees, please reach out to our team today. 

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