Joblio’s ACE Program

Labor shortages around the world are putting a serious strain on supply chains and companies of all sizes. Migrant laborers are being called upon to solve these shortages, yet high churn rates mean that employers are constantly seeking new migrant laborers who are costly to import, train, and acclimate to local norms.

A more efficient way to recruit, train, and retain talented migrant laborers is needed. Investing in migrant communities is the answer. Through its proprietary Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program, Joblio is revolutionizing migrant assimilation.

Migration Made Easy

Uprooting yourself in order to move halfway around the world for a new job opportunity has never been easy. This lengthy process often involves learning a new language, familiarizing yourself with new cultural customs, and establishing a daily routine in a strange new home. Luckily, the Applicant Concierge Experience is revolutionizing assimilation by equipping migrants with the skills they need to succeed in their host countries.

The ACE program is focused on pre-departure and post-arrival community management. This means that migrant laborers begin acclimating to their new homes before they even leave their origin countries. It also ensures they receive continuous support once they land in their new home and face unexpected challenges.

The ACE program begins with Joblio’s team of global ambassadors, who scour the globe in search of the most talented migrant laborers. After recruiting these migrants and ensuring their visas and other documents are in order, the ACE program focuses on ensuring cultural enrichment and language support while ensuring the key human needs of migrants are met.

How The Ace Program Works

We can’t expect migrants to solve our labour shortages unless they’re treated with respect and dignity. This is why the ACE program thoroughly inspects migrant housing to ensure it’s up to standards before any migrants begin living there. Our welcome program also ensures that migrants have a helping hand to rely on when they land in their new host country for the first time.

The ACE program then pivots to building solidarity between the actual migrants themselves. This involves free language services and cultural enrichment so that migrants become acclimated to the food and norms of their new homes. It allows diverse migrants ranging from Nigeria to Uzbekistan to speak with one another in a common language they’re learning together in order to secure better job opportunities and higher wages.

Members of the ACE program live together, learn together, and share meals together with an ACE-provided chef with culinary expertise. When migrants are happy and healthy together, they’re less likely to abandon their job prospects and force employers to embark upon another costly recruitment campaign. It also diminishes human rights abuses which are tragically common in the migrant labor industry.

Investing In Our Mutual Future

It can take up to 12 months to recruit a migrant laborer. With up to 70 percent of migrant laborers eventually leaving their jobs, contributing to incredibly costly industry churn, employers are struggling to keep positions manned by competent workers. The ACE program solves this crisis by ensuring migrants are treated right and stick around for the long haul.

“The cost of employee turnover is immense,” notes Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky. “Companies that retain their migrant laborers with better treatment will save huge sums of money in the long run while cracking down on unethical abuses.”

An established system that provides support in both the pre-departure and post-arrival periods is essential for successful assimilation. Adequate housing, appetizing meals, language services, and professional training all go a long way toward cultivating a talented and loyal workforce. All of this is only possible through Joblio’s proprietary ACE program, which is quickly becoming the global standard for human rights protections.

“It’s always worth investing in migrant community management,” says Jon Purizhansky. “When you treat migrant laborers with dignity and respect, they work harder than ever before and ensure that everybody prospers.”

Joblio understands that positive outcomes can only be derived by investing in the wellbeing of the same migrant communities who will be working on our behalf.

Ready to be a part of a revolution that’s transforming the global labor market? Learn more about Joblio today to start making the world a better place with migrant community management.

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