Joblio’s year of national expansion starts in May 2024 with Atlanta. 

Georgia’s capital is a thriving metropolitan known for its diverse economy, robust job market and cultural diversity that provides New Americans with an affordable cost of living. 

Joblio Founder/CEO Jon Purizhansky says the decision to launch operations in Atlanta was influenced by various factors, including the city’s economic indicators and job market statistics that show low unemployment rates and a steady job growth in industries such as technology, healthcare and construction. 

“We are committed to expanding our impact with New Americans – with those who are already here as well as with others who aspire to come to the U.S. from overseas,” says Purizhansky. “We’re excited about putting feet down in Atlanta, with many more exciting opportunities to come.” 

Headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., Joblio uses its global network to recruit domestic talent, refugees and New Americans to connect businesses with the workers they need. From general labor to skilled positions, Joblio helps companies grow with a collaborative business model built on ethical practices and retention. 

Joblio eliminates the middleman by directly connecting hiring managers and job seekers, bringing transparency, compliance and fairness to vulnerable workers and employers. Fees are based on employee success, ensuring Joblio is invested in long-term retention. Its unique Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program boosts retention with complimentary extended HR support and wraparound assistance that meet the needs of each worker throughout the employment process. 

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