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For employers

We Connect Employers with skilled Migrants

  • We seamlessly connect employers with highly qualified and suitable candidates who perfectly match their specific vacancy requirements.
  • By implementing a rigorous KYC process, we ensure that employers can exclusively interview the most relevant and skilled candidates, leading to significant time and resource savings.

For Jobseekers

We provide attractive job Opportunities for Migrants

  • We work directly with Employers to eliminate middleman and provide Jobseekers with actually competitive local salaries.
  • Our focus is ensuring the trustworthiness and reliability of employers, creating a secure environment for job seekers.

For Both Parties

We make sure your relationship is long-term

  • We provide a unique Applicant Concierge Experience extended HR services, known as “ACE”, to make sure your new Employees receive the support they need to succeed in their new roles.
  • We orchestrate a long-term relationship between Employer and Employee to make sure both parties are happy with their choice.