Linita Design & Manufacturing Corp. COO Sean Greenhouse has searched through the traditional jobs boards long enough to know that most of those job seekers were not the type that would last. So Sean turned to Joblio, which was able to use its global network of talent to provide him with the skilled welders that his business desperately needed. 

“There were a handful of guys with good, long work histories overseas,” says Sean, pictured above on the right. “That’s a good sign, and that’s usually a higher likelihood for success that I like to hone in on.” 

Linita is among the 30-plus businesses in the Buffalo, N.Y., area that hired its first Joblio referral within the past year. As those companies vetted Joblio’s services, Joblio U.S. Country Manager & VP of Government Affairs Mark Reimann did the same with those new partners to ensure that their culture aligned with Joblio’s high standards of ethics. 

“We’re providing hope for not only employers, but immigrants and refugees to have a better situation,” Mark says. “We have a deep-rooted belief to help people come here, make a name for themself, become self-sufficient with a good-paying job, raise a family and make it on their own.” 

Joblio is invested in the success of everyone it finds meaningful employment for. That unique approach to talent recruitment and retention benefits both the employer and the employee, as well as the destination country and origination country. 

Here’s how Joblio’s model is beneficial for all: 

For employers 

  • Direct connection. To workers they need through access to a global network of talent, refugees and New Americans who are already skilled. 
  • Thorough pre-screening. Job applicants come vetted by a rapid and efficient recruitment process, which includes a translator provided to alleviate any language barriers. 
  • Background and identity pre-verification. By Joblio to help employers simplify the collection of data for onboarding and work permit/visa processing. 
  • Continuous support. Cross-cultural training facilitated by Joblio for the entire term of employment via its Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program, which creates success, loyalty and retention of talent who may otherwise quit. 
  • Organizational reputation boost. For a visible commitment to ethical recruitment, corporate responsibility and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) – which can lead to word-of-mouth referrals of other qualified job seekers. 

For employees  

  • No recruitment fees. Joblio is FREE for job seekers, because no one should have to pay to find a job. 
  • Access to meaningful jobs. With transparent salaries, benefits and opportunities for professional growth – allowing job seekers to make decisions based on the information received directly from employers. 
  • Legal assistance. With requisite immigration and working documentation. 
  • 24/7 hotline. Access to Joblio’s Applicant Concierge Experience (ACE) program – irrespective of skillset or national origin – for ongoing support with housing, transportation, banking, education and more. 
  • Cultural connection. An opportunity to connect with communities of similar origin cultures. 

For destination country 

  • Improved transparency. Joblio’s model creates a centralized tracking system of work-related migration. 
  • Economic boost. Due to increased tax revenues and optimized labor processes, plus the potential for new businesses. 
  • Cultural diversity. Through Joblio’s effective human capital management solutions, the welcoming of diverse individuals improves standards of ESG (environmental, social and governance) and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). 

For origination country 

  • No middlemen. Joblio eliminates the need for all employment agents or labor brokers who may charge job applicants fees or who may misrepresent employment opportunities in other countries. 
  • Transparency and compliance. Throughout the complete legal process. 
  • Foreign remittances. An increase in the transferring of money from a foreign worker back to their home country due to an increase in worker stability and compensation. 

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