How Does Joblio Benefit Me?

Employer Benefits

  • Substantial cost and time savings due to a minimized employee churn and increased efficiency & productivity.
  • Assistance with all necessary paperwork to expedite recruitment & migration process.
  • Quickly fill-up skill-shortage positions with motivated and knowledgeable employees.

Employee Benefits

  • Joblio application allows employees to directly. communicate with the respective employer.
  • Facilitation of fast-track visa & work permit to simplify migration process.
  • Education on all employment-related details including the host country’s culture, laws and language.

Origination Country Benefits

  • Elimination of corruption and fraud committed by middlemen who cheat international workers.
  • Transparency and verification of foreign remittances.
  • Increase in foreign remittances due to increase in worker stability and compensation.

Destination Country Benefits

  • Improved migration transparency & centralized tracking system of work-related migration.
  • Mitigation of employer fraud and human rights violations due to increased accountability.
  • Economy boost due to increased tax revenues, optimized labor processes, and decreased crime.

How The Joblio Platform Works?

Connection Support

Joblio offers one platform that enables
employers and employees to connect

After employers post job orders, candidates can search according to their personal criteria, by using a set of filters, ensuring that the resulting position meets their needs and expectations.


Prior to employment, candidates are
thoroughly vetted

We conduct official KYC procedures for every applicant, reviewing their background to confirm each employee is reliable for the job.


After matching with an employer, candidates
are prepared for employment and relocation

We educate each employee about the culture, language, laws and customs of the host country. Moreover, we ensure that all applicants take a medical exam 48 hours before arrival.


Employers and employees receive continuous
support even after arrival

To make foreign talents’ lives more comfortable post-arrival, our platform assists with telemedicine, phone services, banking and more.