Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian women who fled the war are now offered jobs in traditionally male-dominated sectors. The reason for this fact is a growing staff shortage in several industries, namely: consumer goods industry, logistics and trade.

More and more employers are offering the refugees to work as pickers handling stock products at warehouses. Their duties include sorting the goods (e.g. clothing, household chemicals or food) as well as preparing them for loading.

Cargo carriers are also sought after at warehouses. Prior to the full-scale war actions, this job was mostly popular with male workers. Now, thousands of female refugees from Ukraine are taking training courses and mastering a new profession – that of a forklift operator.

Polish employers are planning to increase the number of job offers for foreigners with the start of the new production season. As of today, the average salary of foreigners in Poland is 3.500 PLN (about 24.000 UAH), which is relevant for those employed in consumer goods industry, agriculture and the service sector.

According to the research of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy of Poland, more than 180 citizens of Ukraine have already got a job in the country and more than 1 million foreigners have registered in the Pesel system.

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Seal & Design employee Elizabeth packages some products at the facility in Clarence on Thursday, February 1, 2024. (Photo by Mark Mulville)