Ethical Recruitment Platform

Joblio’s technology-based platform disrupts the current international labor migration industry by introducing transparent and new compliance methods, thereby optimizing operations and creating new revenues for employers.

Today’s global labor migrant industry is a non-transparent, inefficient, and corrupt monolith run by shady middlemen who sell grossly misrepresented or even non-existent job opportunities to labor migrants. It is an understatement that the current system has multiple inefficiencies and losses. It causes pain to all the existing ecosystem members – employers, labor migrants, and governments alike. Migrant workers across various sectors, industries, and occupations face the risk of exploitation linked to unethical recruitment and employment practices that place workers in vulnerable situations, such as debt slavery or working in forced labor conditions.

Joblio disrupts the status quo by introducing transparency, efficiency, and compliance. By introducing its Ethical Recruitment Platform, which directly connects companies with jobseekers, Joblio creates benefits for all ecosystem participants. Our technology combined with our professional understanding of international migration laws and deep knowledge of the global recruitment landscape allows employers to efficiently and transparently hire staff from other countries.

Unlike traditional employment agencies or recruitment companies, the Joblio platform lays out new standards in the labor market and implements transparent and effective methods in international recruitment. You gain unlimited access to thousands of potential employees – permanent, temporary, or seasonal – for all levels of positions, from basic to managerial. You can find employees not just from Central and Eastern Europe, but also non-European markets: Africa, India, Asia, and Latin America.

The platform allows employers to connect directly with employees through one global Joblio recruitment network, using a filter based on location, experience, and availability that helps make employers search easy to find a suitable candidate.

The biggest assets of the Joblio platform are:

  • Operational efficiency optimization and revenue flows increase
  • Direct access to verified job applicants with no agents or middlemen involved
  • Streamlining work permit applications via a centralized and efficient collection of applicants’ data
  • Ethical Recruitment – free of charge for employees
  • The employer does not take on the costs of recruitment
  • Selection of applicants by skill-set, country of origin, and other factors
  • KYC and Identity Verification for all employees

Principles of cooperation between Joblio and the employer

One of the benefits of using Joblio is that the employer pays a salary directly to the employee. As a result, the employer does not incur additional, unforeseen, and previously unknown costs related to the recruitment of employees. The employee is able to see his final salary in the app. This transparency not only has a positive influence on employees’ outlook and work efficiency, but it also protects their human rights by ensuring that they are no longer cheated by unscrupulous middlemen.

The wage offered to an employee on a platform has to be in compliance with a binding law in a country (except in special cases, e.g. auxiliary work with the harvest, the wage cannot be lower than the minimum wage).

The employer settles up with the Joblio platform once a month. The basis of settling accounts is a list of workers who are hired by the platform, the number of working hours they worked or collected kilograms (e.g., the number of kilograms collected by the above-mentioned employees in a given month).

The procedure

  1. Joblio makes an appraisal of the demand for employees with the employer. We analyze the required competence needed and position profiles, as well as other expectations toward job candidates, including the level of compensation.
  2. We present our offer to the employers.
  3. Employer executes a contract with Joblio platform.
  4. The employer publishes (with our help) his job offer on our platform, and the prospective job applicants can see employers’ offers by browsing the Joblio App.
  5. After the employer publishes a job offer, candidates can search for it according to their own criteria, using a set of filters, making sure that the position received meets their needs and expectations.
  6. We contact our local foreign partners for the most effective possibility of recruiting candidates according to the orders received. Joblio maintains representatives globally who assist with regards to selection, job interviews, background verifications and reference checks, and applicant’s skill tests.
  7. The employer selects employees who have declared their willingness to work.
  8. The employer is able to select candidates among the applicants who have applied for the open employment positions.
  9. The employee processes the selected employees’ applications for the Work Permits in compliance with applicable laws of the host country. Joblio facilitates and catalyzes this process by collecting applicants’ data and documentation swiftly and efficiently.

Additional free services

Joblio provides assistance to the employers throughout the process of revocation/migration and then throughout the period of migrants’ employment. In addition, we educate employees about the culture, customs, and laws of the host counties.

We assure that all applicants will undergo a medical examination 48 hours prior to arrival (including COVID-19 tests).

On the day employees begin work, employers will be assisted by Joblio representatives, who are contact persons for them during these employees’ employment with your company. We are launching a special hotline for this purpose. If the employee does not match employer requirements, a replacement easily can be found on the Joblio platform within a brief window of time.

To create optimal efficiency, the Joblio platform provides employees with the ability to seamlessly and affordably transfer money back home.

Joblio creates a win-win solution for employers and workers alike.
Join us today and experience a completely new and cost-effective way of recruitment process!

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